Whether you’re looking for a job without much social interaction, or you only want to talk to people online, there’s a side hustle that’s just right for an introvert.  

These jobs help you monetize your natural strengths like deep focus, working independently, and thriving in alone time. And you can do many of these options from home, so you can grow your bank account without stepping outside your cozy bubble of peace and quiet. 

Grab your coffee and let’s dive into this list of 10 great side hustles built just for introverts.

1. Food Delivery

Food delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats cater perfectly to the introverted soul seeking minimal interaction with people while on the move. It’s a simple and flexible side gig: you accept orders via an app and then head out in your mobile safe space to pick up food and deliver it to customers. 

Earning potential: Varies by delivery

Why introverts like it: Imagine cruising through your city’s streets with your favorite tunes playing as you deliver meals from local restaurants to grateful customers. It’s a flexible job that allows you to set your own hours and work alone, and you can skip the small talk of being a waiter. 

Requirements to get started: You’ll need a car, or in some cities, you can use a bike or scooter. You can learn what to expect and how to get started in our article: How to Become a DoorDash Driver (Requirements and Signing Up).

DoorDash logo

Deliver food from the quiet of your car 

Work solo in this low-commitment gig while you set your own hours.

2. Proofreader

Proofreading involves scrutinizing texts for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, all from the comfort of your own space. It requires patience and a keen eye, but the satisfaction of polishing a document to perfection can be incredibly rewarding.  

Earning potential: $15 to $50/hour

Why introverts like it: You can proofread completely online and without needing to interact with people frequently. Many proofreading jobs allow you to direct your own work pace as long as you meet publication deadlines.

Requirements to get started: Every written thing that gets published requires proofreading, so your clients can range from blog writers to your local nail salon who needs help with Facebook posts.

Job sites like Upwork help you find companies hiring proofreaders. You don’t need experience; just a laptop and internet connection will let you get started. You do need a strong command of grammar and language, and you may want to take an online course to learn how to build a powerful resume and the art of client acquisition.

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3. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is a dream side hustle for introverts who find solace in numbers and organization. As a bookkeeper, you help clients record and manage their financial transactions like payroll, business expenses, and billing customers. 

Earning potential: $20 to $40/hour

Why introverts like it: This job allows you to keep to yourself, nestled among spreadsheets and receipts. Sure, you’ll need to communicate clearly with the business owners you support, but once your systems are in place, much of the work includes self-directed tasks that repeat from week to week.

Requirements to get started: Bookkeepers aren’t CPAs, so they don’t need an accounting degree or any special certification. They work with financial software like Quickbooks to create balance sheets and manage financial reports for companies. 

Make up to $5,000/month nerding out with numbers! 

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4. Blogging

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I have achieved success blogging about what I love — helping people make money. And I did it without having to follow someone else’s schedule or waste a bunch of time in meetings or working for a terrible boss.

Earning potential: $500 to $10,000+/month

Why introverts like it: Blogging isn’t all sitting alone in front of your laptop and writing about your favorite things, but that’s a huge part of it. It’s hard work, and it takes time to build your business. Once you monetize your blog, you can focus mostly on writing and only occasionally need to interact virtually with advertisers and affiliates.

Requirements to get started: Before you can launch your blog, you need a website hosting service, and I strongly recommend Bluehost. Their services provide a professional-looking site without paying for web design services. Our posts on how to start a blog and avoiding blogging mistakes can save you a ton of time by learning from the success (and failures) of others!


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5. Freelance Writer

Got a knack for storytelling or a talent for turning complex ideas into readable content? Freelance writing could be your golden ticket. From blog posts to technical papers, companies are on the hunt for writers who can communicate effectively. The best part for us quiet types: all you need is a laptop and a comfy chair.

Earning potential: $500 to $5,000/month

Why introverts like it: Introverts who write get to work independently, away from the buzz and interruptions of a traditional workplace. You can craft thoughtful, well-researched pieces without the pressure of an audience hovering over your shoulders. 

Requirements to get started: Before you start writing, it helps to figure out your niche — this is your specialty like SEO content or social media posts. Or it might be an area of expertise like writing about tech gadgets or yoga. It takes time to learn how to become a freelance writer, build your portfolio, and get clients, but this side hustle has one of the highest earning potentials on the list. 


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6. Digital Marketer

Business owners who use Facebook and Instagram ads to reach customers often lack the time or knowledge to run an effective ad campaign. So, they hire digital marketers to manage this critical business task for them.

Earning potential: $1,000 to $2,000+/month

Why introverts like it: Once you’ve identified the client’s needs, there’s little need for regular interaction. You can work on your own and make $1,000-$2,000 per client working just a few hours a week. I learned this firsthand while running Facebook ads as I was building this site.

Getting started: You don’t need a degree in advertising or marketing for this gig — you can learn how to run ads like a pro. Begin with the basics in How to Become a Digital Marketer (2024 Guide).

facebook side hustle

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7. Virtual Assistant

Introverts often excel at organization and working behind the scenes. As a virtual assistant, you handle job duties like managing emails, scheduling appointments, or updating databases — all without the small-talk requirements of a traditional office.

Earning potential: $500 to $1,000+/month

Why introverts like it: You can organize the world from anywhere, whether you want to work from home, a coffee shop, or a mountaintop. It’s like being the wizard behind the curtain, working your organizational magic without the need for constant chitchat. 

Getting started: If you’re an introvert already great at working email, managing calendars, and other administrative tasks, start looking for this side hustle in How to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs. You can also check out the online course Fully Booked VA.


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8. Social Media Manager

Businesses need help designing their online presence. Social media managers plan posting schedules and produce reels, videos, or visual content like Pinterest boards or infographics. They also analyze data to see what types of posts are getting results in a constantly changing market.

Earning potential: $15 to $40/hour

Why introverts like it: Your introvert superpowers of careful planning and thoughtful content creation can make for impactful social media campaigns. Ironically, while this job requires constant interaction with social media, it’s all to promote a business, so you can stay behind the scenes. 

Getting started: You can job hunt on sites like FlexJobs and Upwork. Or read our post — 15 Tips to Become a Social Media Manager in 2024 — to learn where to start. You’ll need familiarity with applications like Google Data to see what’s trending and to understand how algorithms work. Make sure to polish your own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, too, so that clients can see your best work.

9. Transcriptionist 

Becoming a transcriptionist is the perfect blend of autonomy and meticulousness for introverts. This side hustle involves more than just listening and typing; it’s about capturing every inflection and nuance, transforming spoken words into written form with precision and care. 

Earning potential: $15 to $30/hour

Why introverts like it: Transcriptionists work independently, often remotely, and without the need for constant interaction. In the tranquil silence of your workspace, you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of keystrokes and work completely online.

Getting started: Check out TranscribeMe and Rev to find decent transcriptionist jobs for beginners. You can also get a head start by reading our article covering online transcription jobs. If you invest in a transcription training course, you may be able to earn higher pay. 

10. Tutor From Home

You can tutor subjects you’re passionate about through online platforms and help someone achieve their learning goals, screen-to-screen. Tutoring online is knowledge sharing without the stage fright. Introverted learners benefit from your expertise, and neither you nor the student has to leave the house.

Earning potential: $15 to $40/hour

Why introverts like it: It’s all about that one-on-one connection instead of facing the large student-teacher ratio of traditional classrooms. You can spark “aha!” moments through a video chat. 

Getting started: If you’ve got mad skills in a particular subject, check out BookNook as a great place to start. Their tutors make $15-$22/hour. If you’re an experienced teacher, you can often find higher-paying gigs from companies that require teacher certification.

Final Words

Venturing into the side hustle jungle can be kind of daunting, but remember, it’s about finding what feels right for you. As an introvert, you’ve got that talent for focused work and the ability to rock a solo project like nobody’s business. It’s okay to want a gig that caters to those strengths and keeps your energy levels up, and you’ve got plenty of choices.

Side hustles that work well for introverts aren’t just freeing; they’re where we thrive — in the quiet corners, with our thoughts, our words, our laptop, even our car. So, take your time, trust your gut, and remember, the best side hustle is the one that you look forward to doing — it fits into your lifestyle like that favorite cozy hoodie. 


Which side hustles for introverts pay the most?

Blogging has the highest earning potential on this list, with some bloggers making $10,000 a month. Blogging is a long game, so if you want to build a well-paid side hustle faster, digital marketing or virtual assistance both have solid earning potential.

What’s the best side hustle for an introvert?

It depends on your goals. For introverts seeking a side hustle that aligns with their inclination for quiet and contemplation, freelance writing or blogging can be a perfect fit. But if your main goal is making money fast, you can’t beat food delivery.

How do introverts make money?

Many introverts thrive by channeling their focus into the detail-oriented tasks of a bookkeeper, or in roles like social media managers where they communicate powerful ideas visually, right from their serene workspace. Ultimately, it’s about finding the side hustle that lets you be you.

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