As more and more people are working and operating their businesses online, the number of virtual assistant jobs from home continues to grow.

The companies on this list operate as the middleman and hire virtual assistants for clients who are looking for help. Most of these jobs are part-time, which is a serious perk because it means you might be able to work another side hustle or work as a VA on the side of your regular job.

First, What Is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants (or VAs) are responsible for administrative tasks for their clients. They are organized, effective communicators, and they’re able to manage their time well.

Virtual assistants take care of work that doesn’t have to be done by a business owner themselves, and this includes responsibilities like:

  • Email inbox management
  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Event planning
  • Blog management
  • Social media management
  • Digital advertising

Virtual assistants are easily able to work from home. The “virtual” part of the job title means you’re working entirely online, making it a really good fit for anyone who is looking for flexible, part-time work that they can do from home.

Where Are The Best Places to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home?

Below are 9 companies that hire full time and part-time virtual assistants.

1. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands has a team of U.S.-based virtual assistants that they match with business owners based on their needs. VAs for Fancy Hands complete small tasks that generally take around 15-20 minutes. Here’s an idea of the kinds of tasks Fancy Hands VAs have been paid to do:

  • Reschedule package deliveries
  • Make lunch reservations
  • Proofread articles
  • Research a product before it’s purchased
  • Book flights
  • Handle lost luggage claims

You’re paid $3-$7 per task, and most Fancy Hands assistants average $12-$15/hour.

2. Belay Solutions

Belay is a company that provides virtual assistant services to busy online business owners who want to grow their businesses. VAs for Belay works part time and full time, and you can set your own rates from $5-$20/hour.

The process to become a virtual assistant with Belay is:

  • Fill out an online application
  • Go through two interviews (conducted over video conference calls)
  • Pass a skills assessment
  • Get matched with clients who are looking for virtual assistance

Belay prefers candidates who have a bachelor’s degree and experience working remotely. You should be available to work Monday through Friday during normal business hours, but you’re typically considered “on-call” to help your clients if they need you.

In addition to virtual assistant jobs from home, Belay also helps companies find virtual bookkeepers, web specialists, and social media strategists.

3. Assistant Match

Assistant Match has been matching business owners with part-time virtual assistants since 2007. This company focuses on learning about their clients so they can find the right VA for their needs, which can fall under broad categories like:

  • Organization and maintenance: Managing personal calendars, data entry, online research, invoicing, transcription, document formatting, and more
  • Marketing and growth: Website updates, social media management, blog updates, mail merges, SEO, creating PowerPoint presentations, write or edit articles, and more
  • Coordination: Travel research and reservations, event planning, coordinating teleconferences and webinars, screening resumes, etc.
  • Customer service: Screening emails, sending gifts to clients, conducting surveys, sending cards, and more

Assistant Match asks that candidates for their virtual assistant jobs have an established virtual assistance business. They match qualified candidates with clients who need help.

Virtual assistants with Assistant Match average $12-$15/hour, but offering advanced services, like graphic design or marketing, you can make closer to $20-$25/hour.

4. Time etc

Time etc was founded in 2007 and has helped over 10,000 clients find virtual assistants. Fun fact about Time etc: the head of their virtual assistant team is Penni Pike, who was the executive assistant to Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile, and Virgin Atlantic Airlines) for over 30 years.

Time etc has fairly strict requirements when hiring for virtual assistant jobs from home:

  • At least 8 years of relevant experience
  • Available to work Monday through Friday
  • Willing to work part time
  • Be able to work from home
  • Have your own computer and Microsoft Office suite

They say you should be able to dedicate 2-3 hours a day to the job and be able to schedule your work around your client’s needs. Time etc pays between $11-$16/hour.

Time etc is hiring general virtual assistants, marketing and social media assistants, and writing assistants.

5. Equivity

Equivity has paired virtual assistants with Fortune 500 executives for general, marketing, and paralegal assistance. They look for VAs who are organized, dedicated, detail-oriented, responsive, resourceful, and show initiative.

Virtual assistants for Equivity can work from home on a part-time basis, and here are the skills they’re looking for:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college program
  • Proficiency with search engines and online rating sites
  • Knowledge of email platforms, like Gmail and Microsoft Exchange
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Based in the U.S.
  • Previous experience as an executive or administrative experience is a plus

6. Byron

Byron is an on-demand virtual assistant platform that connects clients with US-based virtual assistants for short and long-term projects.

The way this platform works is that clients submit requests, then virtual assistants select the projects they work on. For example, if data entry isn’t your thing, you can let Byron know, and they won’t show you those kinds of projects.

Byron’s application requirements are:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Live in the U.S.
  • Have at least 3 years of experience as an assistant, either in person or virtually

After you apply, Byron will schedule a phone interview. The next step is training and an assistant test to make sure you’re a good fit and can use the platform.

The virtual assistant jobs from home with Byron pay $12-$15/hour, and they say you can work as little as 1 hour a week, all the way up to 160 hours a week if you want.

7. Zirtual

Zirtual doesn’t hire VAs – they hire ZAs (zirtual assistants). Companies and business owners use Zirtual to find qualified assistants, and Zirtual posts the job listings on their site.

Many of the jobs on Zirtual are full-time work, but they are 100% remote, work from home. There are currently openings for a growth consultant, marketing technologist, sales associate, and several openings for virtual executive assistants.

The virtual assistant jobs on Zirtual have pretty stringent requirements. Below is what most of their VA positions require:

Qualifications for Zirtual Virtual Assistant Jobs

A lot of those requirements are actually preferred experience. So while they’re not 100% required, it’s advantageous to check at least a few of those boxes.

Zirtual pays an average of $14-$20/hour.

8. My BTLR

My BTLR has dedicated virtual assistant jobs from home, and they pride themselves on matching clients with VAs who have the skills and experience to work in specific industries. For example, a VA for a financial advisor might need different skills than an artist.

You’ll need to have great references, test your VA skills, and pass a background check to qualify for My BTLR jobs. They also require a high-speed laptop connection, mobile phone with a data plan, and a laptop, PC, or Mac with the newest version of Microsoft Office.

9. Boldly

Boldly prides itself on finding trustworthy, reliable, and competent virtual assistants for its clients. They say, “Our premium VAs handle more sophisticated tasks than standard VAs from services like Zirtual and Fancy Hands.”

Services Offered at Boldly

To provide highly skilled VAs, Boldly has strict requirements:

  • Pass 3 video interviews
  • Have 7 years of experience working as an assistant or relevant position
  • Advanced, industry-specific skills
  • Computer or laptop with up-to-date software
  • High-speed internet connection

Boldly expects its virtual assistants to work around 20-25 hours per week. Their VAs make an average of $20/hour.

More Places to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

The options you just learned about are all companies that specialize in matching clients with VAs, but here are a couple more ideas for finding work.


Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can connect with potential clients. You create a free profile on the site and then list the services you want to offer. Fiverr takes a 20% commission for each job you take.

Finding work from home virtual assistant jobs on Fiverr would be a good way to gain the kind of experience the companies listed above are looking for.


FlexJobs  is an online job platform for jobs in over 50 different career fields. FlexJobs posts openings on their site, but there is a monthly or annual fee to apply for openings. This includes email updates when new positions are listed.

There are currently dozens of virtual assistant jobs from home listed on FlexJobs. Many of them are full time, but there are a few part time ones as well. Here are a few of the listings I just pulled:

FlexJobs Virtual Assistant Jobs

The Final Word on Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

Becoming a virtual assistant is a flexible and rewarding way to work from home. The work is fast-paced and easy to manage your own time.

Many of the companies that hire for virtual assistant jobs require previous experience, so if looking to get started as a VA, focus on companies that take relevant or transferable skills.


How do I become a virtual assistant at home?

The first step is deciding what kind of services you want to offer. This might be based on the niche you’d like to work with or previous experience. Next, find out what training you need to become a valuable assistant.
You can learn how to become a VA, what skills or tools you need to know, and more in How to Become a Virtual Assistant (Best Courses Included).

What do I need to become a virtual assistant?

You’ll need a computer or laptop with high-speed internet and a cell phone. Having a smartphone is a good idea because you can do some of the work on the go if you have to – think taking care of some emails while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office.
You’ll also want to have a working knowledge of software like the Microsoft Office suite: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Google Suite is another product you should be familiar with.
Also, many virtual assistants clients may use platforms like Zoom, Slack, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, or Quickbooks.

Can you really make money as a virtual assistant?

Yes! This is definitely a legitimate work from home job. We have several VAs working at this site, and they are incredibly valuable members of our team.
There’s Liz, who single-handedly keeps Bobby on task, manages affiliate relationships, does inbox management, billing, and so much more. We also have May and Rachel who schedule posts and make sure things are running smoothly around the site.
All of our VAs work from home and have flexible hours so they can work another job, take care of their kids, etc.