Editorial Guidelines

At Millennial Money Man, our readers are at the center of what we do, and our goal is to help them enrich their financial lives. To do so, we adhere to strict editorial guidelines that ensure accurate and up-to-date content. We do this to help our readers make the best decisions possible.

Our goal with all this site’s content, whether it’s written, audio, or video, is to help our readers achieve more financial success than they ever thought possible by helping them find new financial opportunities and overcome limiting beliefs.

Now that you understand our mission, here’s how we uphold those beliefs in our editorial practices:
We have over a dozen employees and freelancers working for this company, and they are all encouraged to bring in ideas for new pieces of content.

  • We thoroughly vet all of our partnerships before introducing our readers to specific products, services, or companies.
  • None of our writers or editors are ever directly compensated for the content they write.
  • None of our partner companies influence our product reviews or editorial standards.
  • The viewpoints expressed in our reviews, comparisons, or other types of content are as factual and up-to-date as possible.
  • All of the content published on Millennial Money Man is to provide you with more clarity, context, analysis, and comparison on important financial topics and services.
  • We regularly reevaluate and rewrite content across the site as needed.

Correction Policy
Because the accuracy of our content is imperative, we prioritize updates to ensure readers receive the most factually accurate information. Anytime we update our content, it is time-stamped, so you can see that it’s been revised.

While we try to keep our content as “evergreen” as possible, we occasionally publish articles that reflect important topics or events happening in the world around us. These types of current event articles may not be regularly updated. However, if we find that we’ve made an error in one of those articles, we will update it as soon as possible.

We strive to keep our reviews and comparisons as accurate as possible at the time of publication. We regularly make updates to these types of articles, but we also encourage you to check the time stamp.

The entire Millennial Money Man team values our readers’ input when it comes to fact-checking and accuracy. We encourage you to reach out if you see anything that appears to be published in error, and we will investigate as quickly as possible.

-Bobby Hoyt
Founder, Millennial Money Man

Please feel free to review our How We Make Money page and Disclosure to learn more.