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Launch your proofreading side hustle and start making an extra $1K/month on your terms

Even if you have ZERO experience, NO college degree, or have NEVER done anything like this before

Get the training from the same experts trusted by…

If you’ve been looking for a way to earn additional income using skills you already have…

and let’s get real: who ISN’T with the cost of living these days?

Then Listen Up.

Because what follows could easily be the difference between you spending months scrolling through side hustle options and bringing in an extra $1k+ each month.


Maybe you want to trade in that early morning commute for a slow morning and deadlines that you control.

Maybe you’re looking to pay off those student loans a little bit faster.

Or maybe you simply want to fund your eating out and traveling lifestyle.

Whatever your reason — earning additional income on your own time is possible.

💡  All you need is a keen eye for catching spelling and grammatical errors. And a proven system for attracting the right kinds of clients.

If you cringe when someone uses

grammar incorrectly, then congrats!


Did you catch that?

Most people who set out to be proofreaders peter out before they ever make a dime.

Why? Because they spend so much of their time perfecting their proofreading skills they neglect the reason they set out to become a proofreader in the first place — to make money.

They get caught in what I like to call The Field of Dreams Fallacy: build it and they will come.

But here’s the truth: If you want to make money as a proofreader, you don’t need to be the best proofreader in the world. You don’t need a degree. You don’t even need previous experience in a similar field. It really doesn’t have to take much time at all.

💡 All you need is a way to brush up on your proofreading skills and a system to get you out there booking clients.

   I love that you can use something as small as correcting grammatical  
errors to open opportunities for your success and support.

Damon Andujar, M$M 2023 Student

The mere thought of looking for proofreading clients shouldn’t give you the cold sweats.

Yet, even the thought of asking to get paid for your proofreading services is enough to send you scouring the internet for an “easier” side hustle option.  And unfortunately, that’s a fairly normal experience for proofreaders everywhere.

But it shouldn’t be.

Because as seriously nerve-wracking as hitting send on a pitch email can feel… not to even MENTION the thought of what to do when you actually land the client and have to deliver the work you promised AND THEN ask them to give you the money in return (and repeat that all over again)...

The opportunity for creating a proofreading side hustle can be equally wild, like:

  • Landing your first client in just 25 days
  • Boosting your income from $2,000 per month to a consistent $5,000 per month in the same year
  • Making $500+ during your “free time,” allowing you to finally take that vacation you’ve been planning for years

Most of the side hustles you see out there rely on long-term strategies to get their first client. But getting your first proofreading client doesn’t have to take long at all. After that initial client, booking more projects becomes even easier. 

Proofreading Launchpad exists so you can confidently land your first client within a month of joining. Because you have a clear understanding of what it takes to make your business succeed (or fail).

Led by the very proofreader who’s helped other people like you make $500+ per month, and who has personally made $5,000 per month consistently — while working 2 part-time jobs, attending school, and raising 3 kids.

Inside this program, you’ll get the training, guidebook, templates, and techniques you need to get your proofreading side hustle generating income in the first month. No sweaty palms required.

Here’s how you can go from $0 to $100 within the first TWO WEEKS of Proofreading Launchpad: 

Step 1: Become A Proficient Proofreader

💡 Estimated time to complete: 7.5 hrs

Mastering any new skill takes a LONG time. But you can become proficient enough at proofreading to start reaching out to clients within 1 week. Going through the material in this step will take only about 7 hours and 30 minutes…

But since there are 6 "proofreading skill" modules in the program — we recommend you go through one module per day and spend 7 days honing your proofreading skills.

That way, when you start reaching out to new clients on day 8, you'll be more comfortable with your skills and confident in your abilities.

(But remember — as a professional proofreader, part of your job is to continue to improve your skills. So be sure and return often to refresh your knowledge!)

Step 2: Become A Client-Getting Machine

 💡 Estimated time to complete: 2.75 hrs

Once you've become a proficient proofreader, it's time to land your first client.

In this step, you'll discover 7 tried-and-true client-getting strategies you can use to land your first client ASAP.

After this section, you'll have an arsenal of client-getting strategies at your disposal to use as you please.

After enough practice and time with these strategies — you'll be able to "rinse and repeat" them each time you decide you want a new client.

Step 3: Become A

Well-Paid Professional

💡 Estimated time to complete: 4.25 hrs

Once you've landed your first client(s)... it's time to get to work!

In this step, you'll discover how to set up your workspace, find the time to get work done (while still  spending time with family and friends), and keep clients happy, so they want to keep working with you (and paying you!) over and over again.

After this step, you'll know how to run a successful proofreading business that gives you the ability to work when you want, where you want, and earn what you deserve…

While making sure your clients are raving about you to their friends and colleagues.

Let’s make it happen! 

Millennial Money Man Presents

Our comprehensive proofreading skillbuilder + business building program that guides you through getting your proofreading side hustle open and ready for business in 30 days or less.

With Ariel Gardner: Expert Proofreader and Head of
Operations for Millennial Money Man.


Students enrolled!

Whether you have a knack for proofreading, or are just looking to get started, Proofreading Launchpad walks you through it all, with:

🎬  76+ Walkthrough Videos

76+ Walkthrough Videos

📑  Proofreading Launchpad Guidebook

for all you visual learners and those A+ students who want to take notes

💰️ Pricing and proposals:

how to get them to say “yes!” without cutting your pay

🔧  Clients 101:

Instruction, templates, and tools to help you book your first clients, nail your process, and keep them coming back for more

🍾  Business Building Basics:

Getting the legal side squared away, building a website (or not!), finding your niche, and marketing on various platforms so clients start coming to YOU

😍  The best way to get clients to love you

(and their projects running smoothly as ever)

✏️  9 Full Modules Of Proofreading Instruction

to help refresh your skills and act as a reference when working with your clients

⏳  Lifetime access

to each module and future modules and materials added

🧑‍🎓  Client Acquisition Academy:

A much more in-depth look at different ways to book more clients into your calendar, fast

👯  6 Months Free Access To Our Exclusive Community

for all you visual learners and those A+ students who want to take notes

…and more!

   No other course I looked at offered as much entrepreneurship  
training as Proofreading Launchpad.

Jodi Riley

  • Do-at-your-own-pace - buy now and start whenever you’re ready
  • 7+ different techniques for landing clients
  • No expert social skills necessary
  • Easy to add to other streams of incomes - often compliments them
  • Live support - from our community + team of experts
  • Lifetime access - rewatch any training, anytime
  • Flexible schedule

Here’s everything you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to as a member of Proofreading Launchpad:


Module 1

So, You Want To Be A Proofreader…

  • Get the skills you need to become a successful paid proofreader
  • How proofreaders differ from a copyeditor
  • Access the digital skills you’ll need to quickly rise to the top of proofreader applicants
  • Set your goals so you have a set time to look back and see how far you've come
  • Enter the exclusive community, access to your guidebook and extras, and sharpen your pencils (just like the first day of school!)

Module 2


  • See the keys to language structure such as rules, examples, when to use them, and how to spot errors fast
  • Access proofreading tips throughout to help you spot  commonly overlooked errors

Module 3


  • Learn how to beat spellcheck at its own game
  • Understand the difference between different English styles (and how to proofread each one)
  • Get the rules for numbers — to spell it out or not?

Module 4


  • Know the rules so you can help your clients break them the right way
  • Understand everything from commas, periods, en dashes versus em dashes, hyphenating words, and more!

Module 5

Methods, Marks, & Tools

Get real-world proofreading skills like:

  • Using Google Docs and Microsoft Word
  • How to decide which style guide to use for each client
  • Additional online resources you'll love

Module 6

Proofreading In Practice

  • Discover the different types of proofreading clients
  • See how to use SEO in proofreading 
  • Understand the different proofreading styles
  • Get quick practice on included essays


Module 7

Client Outreach

  • Practice proven client acquisition strategies for freelance proofreaders
  • Learn the easiest way to book your first client (This one is a bit controversial!)
  • Access templates for pitching clients
  • See the 7+ ways to get clients with or without using Upwork!
  • Don’t have a website? Don’t need one! You can do each of these strategies without one

Module 8

Building Your Proofreading Business

  • Access the top 7 proofreading niches and learn how to pick yours
  • Set your rates up first, so you’re not stuck negotiating price
  • Get the 6 must-have sections to make your contracts legally binding
  • Learn everything from invoices to setting up an online payment portal
  • Get business bookkeeping basics so you don’t panic come tax season
  • See how to build a website if, and when, you’re ready
  • Discover the best way to leverage your social media presence that’ll get clients coming to YOU

Module 9

Getting Into The Freelance Flow

  • Get the secret to expanding your proofreading business
  • See what you need to set up a workspace designed to work for YOU
  • Learn how to get work done with a flexible schedule and deadlines to meet
  • Access client management and relationship tips
  • Get the 10 tips that’ll help you avoid burnout (or navigate it, if you DO happen to get there)

Module 10

You Did It!

  • Congratulations! You've got a proofreading business! This module will help you get the confidence you need to go out there and build a business you're proud of.
  The ability to go back and rewatch the courses at any time has really   
helped me as I continue to monetize my proofreading business.

Terry Lange

So you can really get the jumpstart you need

Here’s What You Get When You Join Proofreading Launchpad Today!

Bonus 01

MUST-HAVE Templates For Proofreaders

Keep your business in check with your Pitch-Tracker Spreadsheet Template and your Professional Invoice Template.

Make tracking those leads of yours super easy with a one-of-a-kind Pitch-Tracker Spreadsheet…
…Then make those leads feel 100% on board with you as the professional with an invoice that has the look and feel of a proofreader with 10X the experience level.


Bonus 02

The Proofreader’s Pro Tax Guide

Handle your taxes like a pro come tax season with a guide created by a tax professional. Designed specifically for proofreaders like you — you can feel confident this tax season knowing you’re following the step-by-step professional guide.

VALUE $197

Bonus 03

Professional Website Installation & Setup

Unleash your proofreading skills online with a professional website all created for you. Just sign up for Bluehost, and sit back while the rest is done for you.

This package includes:

  • Complete website installation in Wordpress - delivered within 48 business hours
  • First year domain ownership FREE - aka your website name and what people will type into the URL bar when looking for you
  • Website theme - a customizable, professional website template to get you off to a solid start
  • 10 Essential plugins every website owner needs
  • Exclusive training resources - 4 training guides, including a video and PDF guide to help more dream clients find your site
  • Ultimate training pack - a step-by-step guide to help you create a blog in WordPress, access Professional Blogger’s ToolKit, complete access to Facebook Ads 101 Training for Bloggers, and instructions on how to customize your blog’s theme

VALUE $397

Bonus 04

Proofreading Launchpad Online Community Support & Coaching

6 months of unlimited access the exclusive community where other proofreading professionals like you hang out. Get your questions answered by fellow proofreaders as well as access to me (Ariel!) and get personalized advice from people who have been there.

VALUE $119

Bonus 05

Client Acquisition Academy

Get the lead-generating secrets that have worked for over a decade and hear what’s working well today. From discovery calls to mindset, and determining your offer — if we don’t have it covered, you can expect it to be added in the coming months. 

VALUE $397


Mix this all together and you have everything you need to accelerate your proofreading side hustle.

Enroll in Proofreading Launchpad before the time runs out to get exclusive access to the content + bonus goodness for just:

Meet the proofreader in charge:

Ariel Gardner is the Head of Operations at Millennial Money Man — and Creator of The Proofreading Launchpad

Ariel started her proofreading business so she could create a more flexible schedule and start spending more time with her family.

In the beginning, she was working 80-90 hours each week between 2 part-time jobs, getting her degree, and raising 3 kids.

“I was constantly watching my family do things without me.”

At first, proofreading did little to relieve the feeling of overwhelm. 

But she focused on landing more clients and offering more services and went from getting paid pennies to making $4,000+ each month.

All you need is a keen eye for catching spelling and grammatical errors. And a proven system for attracting the right kinds of clients.

She was able to finish school, quit both part-time jobs, and spend time with her kids before and after they got home from school each day. 

Proofreading gave Ariel the freedom to live life EXACTLY how she wanted to.

Since then, she’s helped hundreds of others like you understand what it takes to build a proofreading business you can do on your own time‚ to create the freedom YOU desire.

Ariel’s work has been featured in…

Lifetime Access To Everything You Need For Launching A Profitable Proofreading Side Hustle.

Never have to worry about forgetting what you learn in this course with lifetime access to the entire program. (Plus any additional modules and bonuses that get added!)

Money-back guarantee

Is Proofreading Launchpad the

program for me?

This definitely isn’t the program for everyone. In fact, if you fall into any of the categories below, then this probably isn’t the program for you.

Proofreading Launchpad is

NOT for you if…

  • You don’t like reading and would rather not spend your “free time” correcting grammatical errors.
  • You’re looking for a side hustle that doesn’t require you to have human interaction. If the thought of sending clients emails sends shivers down your spine — this might not be for you. 
  • You want to learn how to proofread in a language other than English. While we do cover other styles of English, we don’t discuss proofreading for other languages.
  • Don’t fall into the categories above? Great! Here’s how you can tell if you’ll benefit from this program: 

Proofreading Launchpad is
perfect for you if…

  • You find yourself regularly catching grammatical errors in publications
  • You have strong attention to detail and consider yourself a perfectionist when it comes to writing
  • You want to start a side hustle without acquiring a completely new skill, investing thousands of dollars, or spending hundreds of hours just to get started
  • You want a flexible side hustle that allows you to control your schedule and work from anywhere there’s internet available
  • You already have a job as a proofreader, but are looking to market yourself more effectively
  • You want to sharpen your proofreading skills to add to your current side hustle

Sound like you?

Money-back guarantee

It’s Not Too Late (Or Too Soon)
For You to Begin.

Proofreading Launchpad is carefully, thoughtfully designed to support people who have never proofread professionally before (or are currently proofreading and want to expand their skills!) 

The beauty of a side hustle is that you can make money in the time that you have — without it bleeding into the rest of your life.

Being the Master of Your Own Schedule is Powerful.

It gives you the freedom to LIVE your life without others pulling the strings.

It opens doors to opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have. Like working in a hammock by the lake on a warm summer’s day while your partner takes a nap under a tree. 

Like pulling up your banking apps without preemptively cringing. You can save for retirement. You can go on that vacation. 

It allows you to say yes to the things that truly matter to you —and no to everything else.

All you need: The confidence to finally take action. 

Plus You’ll Be Backed By A

Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

After 30 days in Proofreading Launchpad, you’ll have had ample time to access the modules of the program. You’ll have the tools, templates, and community you need to properly set up a proofreading business of your own…

(and may have even got a reply or two from the proposals you sent out in Module 7)

…all before you have to make a final financial commitment to Proofreading Launchpad.

But if you don’t feel completely prepared to sell and deliver your proofreading services, simply send an email to [email protected], and request a refund.

No Qualifications Necessary To Start.

Have additional questions? Here are the answers: 

How does Proofreading Launchpad differ from other proofreading courses out there?

Choosing the right program for your goals can be tough! While many other programs focus primarily on proofreading education, Proofreading Launchpad provides you with a proofreading primer, before showing you how to use that knowledge to build up your business as an entrepreneur.

You’ll get the business knowledge you need to create a sustainable side hustle — and enough proofreading knowledge and resources to get you started on the right foot.


How much time should I plan on investing in this program?

You can feasibly run through the entire program and start pitching clients in one week.

But it also works if you only have an hour here or there to work on it. The beauty of The Proofreading Launchpad is that you don’t have to go in order.

You can set up the business side of your business as you’re reviewing proofreading basics.

(Pro Tip: Set aside the same number of hours you plan on spending on client work each week and use it to run through the program. It’ll give you a good idea of how much work you can take on while you’re completing the program.)


It’s a bit of an investment for me right now. Is there a cheaper option?

We do offer a split payment plan that allows you to spread payments out, making it easier to fit into the monthly budget.

As far as a “cheaper” option? I would preach the virtues of investing in something that will help you make more money in the long run, but chances are if you’ve followed Millennial Money Man for any length of time, you already know that. 😉

And with your 66% discount, this is very likely the best deal you’ll ever get on Proofreading Launchpad.


Will I still be able to get clients if I don’t want to build / maintain a website?

Absolutely! You do NOT need a website to book clients. In fact, many of the different methods we teach inside Proofreading Launchpad can be done without a website.

That said, you DO get your website set up for FREE when you click that “BUY” button before the clock winds down. So creating a website is almost a no-brainer! 😉


I don’t plan on using this right away. Should I wait to purchase this program?

You have lifetime access to the program once you purchase it. You’ll also get 6 months of exclusive community access for FREE, with the option to continue your access for $19/month.

While there are definitely pros to waiting, your % discount is only available until the clock runs out.

If you really need to wait to purchase this program but don’t want to miss out on this discount — email us at [email protected] to see if extensions are available.


Do I need to be a proofreading pro to start?

Nope! The first six modules provide enough proofreading instruction to help you feel confident going into your projects as a professional. The best part? You can always come back to the modules if you ever need a quick refresher.


What kind of support can I expect once I’ve signed up?

You'll get immediate access to our exclusive community (located inside the training platform). There, you can get access to live trainings, get your questions answered by Ariel, and lean on our community of past and current students for support.


   I was able to breeze through proofreading projects without going back 
and double-checking or looking anything up

I already knew how to proofread, but didn’t have much experience working in Google Docs and Microsoft Word, so the material really boosted me in that.

It was great to review the grammar and punctuation. My weakness was commas, and Ariel really walks you through that well. It made my new proofreading job more efficient.

Jill Klein

Now It’s Officially YOUR Turn.

Grab the exact step-by-step business-building framework I’ve used to bring in more than $5k each month consistently in my first year of proofreading.

Not to be dramatic — but this could change everything for you.

As someone who saw it happen in her own life when she started proofreading as a side hustle…

I am so excited to help you get there, too.

Money-back guarantee

Transform your proofreading passion into a profitable side hustle.

Enroll in The Proofreading Launchpad

Join Proofreading Launchpad and start building your side hustle immediately.

Best Value

Pay In Full...




(Or just 4 payments of $100)

Money-back guarantee

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