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Carvertise is a 100% legitimate company that pays high-mileage drivers to wrap their cars in advertisements, and it’s an easy way to make a little extra money if you’re a food delivery or rideshare driver. Drivers partner with brands for campaigns that last at least a month and have some say in which brands they partner with. Payments are made monthly via direct deposit.

Recommended for: 
  • Rideshare drivers
  • Food delivery drivers
  • People who have a long commute


  • Limited availability
  • Time it takes to wrap car


  • Rideshare drivers
  • Food delivery drivers
  • People who have a long commute

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If you’ve been interested in Carvertise, you’re probably wondering what’s up with all of the negative Carvertise reviews. Carvertise is in fact a 100% legitimate company that will pay you to wrap your car in advertisements.

Our Carvertise review will explain how this side hustle works, why there are so many negative reviews, how to avoid scams, and how much you can expect to make.

What Is Carvertise?

Carvertise is a marketing firm that pays high mileage drivers (like food delivery and rideshare drivers) to wrap their cars with ad decals. Carvertise has been around since 2012, and their platform pairs drivers with brands that are launching advertising campaigns in specific markets.

Carvertise isn’t just putting a few stickers on your car. These are full or partial wraps that cover nearly 50% or more of your car’s surface. The decals are all professionally installed, they don’t obstruct your field of vision, and they’re removed so there’s no damage done to your vehicle.

Wait, companies will really pay me to advertise on your car? Yes, they seriously will.

You can make money advertising on your car because vehicle wraps are actually a really effective way for brands to advertise.

Some pretty solid statistics back up what Carvertise is doing, including:

As far as side hustles go, this is fairly easy, passive income; meaning, you’re not trading time for money. It’s also a great way for food delivery and rideshare drivers to offset the cost of fuel.

Carvertise Requirements

If this Carvertise review makes you interested in signing up, you need to fully understand the driver requirements before moving forward.

Here are the Carvertise requirements:

  • You drive at least 30 miles a day
  • Clean driving record
  • 2008 model year car or newer
  • Factory paint job

The mileage requirement will automatically eliminate some people who only drive occasionally or short distances. But for rideshare drivers or people who drive for on-demand food delivery services, Carvertise could be a way to boost your income.

Carvertise is approved for DoorDash, Uber, and Lyft drivers.

How Does Carvertise Work

Working with Carvertise is pretty simple overall, but let’s walk through each of the steps, starting with applying, to getting paid, to having your car unwrapped.

Step 1: Sign up for Carvertise

Go to Carvertise.com/driver to sign up. You’ll need to fill out a driver sign-up form, which asks for your name, location, and contact information.

Carvertise Sign-up

Eventually you’ll need to fill out information about your vehicle, including:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Miles driven per week
  • Color
  • Condition

Step 2: Get matched with a brand

Carvertise immediately starts working to match you with an advertising campaign. They use the information you’ve provided during sign-up and look for brands who want to advertise in your city. Carvertise partners with local and national advertising companies, and they have databases that tell them which campaigns are available.

Once Carvertise finds a brand for you to work with, they’ll contact you via phone or email. You’ll be told which company (or companies) wants to advertise on your car, and you’ll get to approve the brand partner. It is your car, after all! People living in heavily populated cities will likely have more options because there are more brands interested in advertising there.

Here are a few of the brands Carvertise has partnered with:

  • Nascar
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • EA Sports
  • Netflix
  • 7-Eleven
  • Draft Kings
  • Blue Cross

Step 3: Have your car wrapped

Carvertise works with professional companies to wrap your car. These are professional shops are always vetted and reviewed.

Depending on the partnership, Carvertise might do a partial or full wrap. A partial wrap means that less than 50% of your car is wrapped, and a full wrap is 50% or more. Below is what a full wrap might look like:

Carvertise Wrapped Car

Step 4: Get paid

As soon as your car is wrapped, you will need to download the Carvertise app to start tracking the miles you drive. You’re not paid based on the number of miles you drive, but Carvertise still wants to make sure you are driving the minimum number of miles per day.

Carvertise pays you based on the campaign’s size and brand. You receive payments monthly through direct deposit; you’re not sent a check.

Step 5: Have the wrap removed

When the campaign ends, Carvertise will connect you with a local service shop to unwrap your car. This is a free process. You should not have to pay for unwrapping, and if you see a car wrapping company that says you need to pay to have your car unwrapped, then it’s probably a scam.

That’s it! If you enjoyed working with Carvertise, you can apply for another campaign.

How Much Can You Make From Carvertise?

Carvertise pays up to $300/month to advertise on your car. Again, these campaigns typically last a few months. You’re paid monthly via direct deposit. There are occasionally bonus opportunities called Swarms that you can participate in to make extra money. You’re paid around $125/hour (yes, per hour!) to show up and drive your car at a specific local event.

You’re obviously not going to get rich from this source of passive income, and I also don’t think it’s safe to assume it will be a steady stream of income. Remember, you need to be matched with campaigns, and if you stop driving as much for some reason, you will no longer be eligible.

Carvertise vs. Wrapify

The main Carvertise alternative or competitor is Wrapify. Both platforms are free to sign up for, but Wrapify pays you based on the number of miles you drive. So there’s not an earnings cap.

Being paid based on mileage sounds ideal, especially if you drive more than the average driver, but there have been reports that the app doesn’t accurately track your miles.

Carvertise Reviews: Is Carvertise Legit?

Here’s what other online Carvertise reviews are saying:

  • Carvertise has a 2.5/5.0 star review with the Better Business Bureau
  • There are no Carvertise reviews (good or bad) on Trustpilot
  • Carvertise has 4.8/5.0 star review on Facebook

The negative Carvertise reviews on BBB are clearly about a company pretending to be Carvertise. Reviewers reported receiving a check in the mail, but Carvertise does not pay by check.

Carvertise is 100% legitimate company, and there are no reported cases of drivers not getting paid.

How To Watch Out For Scams

When we were doing our due diligence and reading Carvertise reviews, we noticed a lot of concerns about car wraps scams, including one from the FTC about how scammers are targeting college students.

Here are specific red flags to watch out for:

  • Legit companies pay by direct deposit only. Carvertise will not send you a check in the mail. They do not pay by check. Carvertise’s main competitor, Wrapify, also does not pay by check.
  • Legit car wrapping companies will not reach out to you. The FTC warns that if someone contacts you from social media or a job board because they saw your profile and thought you’d be a good fit for their “company” this is a major red flag.
  • Legit companies will not ask you to pay anything. Another major red flag for any scam is if they try to send you a check saying they’ll pay you to advertise on your car, but first, deposit the check and wire the bulk of it to someone else. They might claim it’s going to a professional installer or mechanic.

Check scams are the most Carvertise-related scam right now. What happens is that a company sends you a check, which bounces a few days to a couple of weeks later, after you’ve wired the money. Not only is there no way to get your money back, but you also have to pay the bank back for the fake check.

This kind of stuff is infuriating, but if you know how to spot these scams, you’ll be able to tell which companies are legit and which aren’t.

Is Carvertise Worth It?

Carvertise is easy, passive income, but you’ll have to be okay with basically driving a billboard around for a few months.

If you are okay with turning your car into an ad, then sure, Carvertise is worth it. It would be a good way to offset the cost of car insurance or gas, or it could bring in some cash to start micro-investing.

Another passive way to make money with your car is to rent it out on platforms like HyreCar. This is a peer-to-peer rental company where you rent your car out to rideshare and food delivery drivers. You can learn more in my HyreCar Review.

Carvertise Review: Pros and Cons


  • There are no fees to sign up, have your car wrapped, or anything.
  • Drivers are able to approve any brand campaigns they participate in.
  • Bonus earning opportunities
  • You can easily make up to $300


  • Carvertise is only available in 75 markets, and isn’t commonly available in smaller cities or suburbs.
  • It can take a couple of days to have your car wrapped, so you have to plan to be carless for that time.

Carvertise Review – The Final Word

Carvertise won’t be for everyone, but it would prompt some really interesting conversations with strangers if you signed up. Maybe add “make new friends” to the list of benefits?

In all seriousness, Carvetise is a legit company that pays up to $300/month to place advertisements all over your car. And you can feel confident you’re working with a solid company and not falling victim to a car wrap scam.


Is Carvertise legitimate?

Yes, Carvertise is a 100% legitimate company. There are scams claiming to be Carvertise, but you can spot them because Carvertise does not send payment via checks.

How much money do you make with Carvertise?

You can make up to $300 a month with Carvertise.

Which is better Wrapify or Carvertise?

The difference between Wrapify and Carvertise is that Carvertise pays a flat rate while Wrapify pays per miles driven.

Does Wrapify or Carvertise pay more?

Wrapify will likely pay more if you’re an extremely high-mileage driver because they pay per mile instead of flat fee like Carvertise pays.

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