Making money as a blogger is an amazing way to live. You set your own hours, work from anywhere, and write about something you love. Given that  77% of Internet users read blogs daily, life as a blogger can be a solid side hustle or even career. 

But for a lot of bloggers, an ocean of frustration lies between launching their blog and actually running a successful site. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong, this list can help.

Trust me, I made plenty of mistakes when I first started, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. We’ve collected a list of the 14 worst blogging mistakes and how to avoid them.

Here Are the Worst Blogging Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

The following blogging mistakes are ones that my blogging friends and I have made in the past. I’ve put this together in hopes you can learn from our mistakes.

1. Stop Neglecting Blog Planning

A friend of mine launched her blog years ago by writing about whatever topic was on her mind that day and posting whenever she felt like it. That approach earned her exactly six followers, including her Mom, and a spot in the blog graveyard of sites no one visits.

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

You don’t have to map out every detail of your blog business before publishing your site. Blog planning simply means you define your reader persona or target audience, create a content calendar, and plan your blog post topics to constantly align back to the blog purpose.

With an intentional and structured approach, you’ll avoid the Blog Cemetery!

For an in-depth view on how to start your own blog from scratch, check out our step-by-step guide.

2. Posting Inconsistently

Consistency is key when it comes to blogging. Irregular posting or not posting frequently enough can lead to a loss of readership and engagement. Your blog is only as relevant as your latest articles are visited. 

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

Create a posting schedule that outlines topics, deadlines, and promotional strategies, and then stick to it. Whether it’s once a week or three times a month. Set realistic goals and deliver on them consistently.

Your audience will appreciate the reliability and will keep coming back for more.

3. Ignoring SEO Best Practices

You’ve probably heard that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for getting your blog noticed, but what is it?

SEO involves optimizing your blog content so that it ranks higher in search engine results, making it easier for people to find and access your content. 

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

By including relevant keywords, meta tags, and quality backlinks, you can improve your search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic. Your blog’s content quality and readability also improves SEO, powerfully boosting your visibility. 

4. Neglecting Social Media Promotion

You may have a gorgeous website and well-written articles, but if you’re not leveraging the power of social media to drive traffic to your site, you’re making a classic blogging mistake, and your beautiful content may get missed. 

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

Engage your audience through social media promotion that makes sense for your content. Instagram stories have become the default platform for drawing Gen Z followers. Facebook livestreams work great for “Ask Me Anything” sessions and drive organic traffic to your blog. 

If you want to appeal to readers looking for career advice, you may want to promote your content on LinkedIn or X. Using relevant hashtags can also help readers find you on all platforms.

5. Skipping Proofreading and Editing

Posts riddled with typos, missing words, or sloppy grammar signal the reader that you’re not really a professional. This damage to your credibility is totally avoidable by committing to diligent proofreading before you publish. 

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

You don’t have to have a degree in English to proofread. You can go beyond spell check and use proofreading tools like Grammarly or Grammar Girl, or hire a professional proofreader. 

You can also refine your writing skills using apps like Hemingway Editor or ProWritingAid, which alerts you to long and confusing sentences. Set aside time for revisions as a part of your process. By presenting error-free content, you’ll build trust with your readers and establish yourself as a professional.

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6. Neglecting Mobile Optimization

Most of your readers are likely accessing your blog through their smartphones. Failing to make sure your posts look great and function well on a mobile device is a common blogging mistake that can negatively impact your search engine rankings. 

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

Mobile optimization ensures your blog looks great and functions well on smaller screens. Making sure you choose a responsive website design and optimize images for mobile can provide a seamless, user-friendly experience for your readers.

Get in the habit of testing to see how your posts “behave” on a mobile device.

7. Writing Long, Unreadable Paragraphs

Think about how you read a blog post. Do you give it your complete focus and read every word on the page, or do you multi-task and do a quick scan? There’s no single answer, but research tends to show most readers scan quickly and avoid large blocks of text. 

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

To write more reader-friendly content, try these three best practices:

  • Use shorter paragraphs
  • Incorporate subheadings and bullet points
  • Write in a conversational tone

See how easy that was?!

8. Writing Too Formally

While we’re on the topic of making things easy for readers, let’s talk about formality. Blogging is an opportunity to have a conversation with your readers, but some of us still approach it like we’re writing an essay for our high school English teacher.

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

Lose the formality and write like you’re having a friendly chat with a friend, using relatable language and personal anecdotes. This approach will make your content more relatable and enjoyable to read, and that draws loyal readers and an audience that trusts you.

9. Failing to Engage With Readers

Blogging is not a one-way street. Readers don’t trust writers who never reply to comments or turn a deaf ear to questions and suggestions, and this is a huge blogging mistake.

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

Make your readers feel heard and valued. Click the like button or say thank you to comments, offer a deeper analysis when readers join the email list, or even host giveaways and contents. You’ll encourage discussion and feedback and create a sense of community and loyalty around your blog, making it a tribe of people with the same interests.

10. Forgetting Who Your Audience Is

Readers can get pretty upset when they go to your blog about sugar-free living and see a post about how great Halloween candy is. Understanding your target audience means every article aligns to what they’re searching for and expect to find on your site. 

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

Take the time to research your readers’ needs, interests, and pain points. By crafting content that speaks directly to their desires and challenges, you’ll create a deep connection and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your niche.

11. Monetizing Too Soon

The blogging mistake of diving into monetization too early can lead to a few issues. First, it can detract from the quality of your content. If you’re more focused on making money than providing value, your readers will notice and may feel like you’re selling out.

Second, monetizing too soon can discourage new readers. If potential followers visit your blog for the first time and are immediately hit with ads or sponsored content, they might lose trust and move on. 

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

You need a sizable and engaged audience to make meaningful revenue from blogging. Take time to nurture your audience, prioritizing quality content and consistent posting. Think of making money as a step to take after your blog has gained substantial traction. 

12. Ignoring Analytics

The reality is that numbers matter. If you’re not making data-driven decisions about your topics and strategy, you’re trusting your business to guesswork and gut feelings.

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

Set up Google Analytics or another data platform to help you understand how your posts succeed at attracting readers. Track key performance metrics and adjust your strategy based on data. You’ll save so much time, and improve your blog’s performance by focusing on posts that are proven to work.

13. Neglecting Personal Stories and Examples

There’s a reason food bloggers write about their kids giving 5 stars to their broccoli casserole before sharing the actual recipe — humans are wired for storytelling. If your posts are full of facts but no stories, this blogging mistake may cost you readers.

I never get tired of writing about how I went from being a band director who was deeply in debt to paying off $40,000 student loans in 18 months. In fact, that’s my signature story, and it has helped me build a seven-figure business because it’s true and people relate to me through that story. 

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

Share personal anecdotes and examples that relate to your blog topics. This will help you connect with your readers on a deeper level and make your content more relatable. Personal stories humanize your blog and create an emotional connection with your audience.

14. Leaving Out a Call to Action

Don’t leave your readers hanging! When they get to the end of the article, they want to know what to do next. Think of it as the “So what. Now what?” of every article.

How to Fix This Blogging Mistake

Every blog post should have a clear call to action (CTA) that prompts your audience to take the desired next step. Whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter, leaving a comment, or purchasing a product, guide your readers with a compelling CTA that encourages engagement and drives action.

Final Words on Worst Blogging Mistakes

Blogging offers the freedom to make your mark on the world and make a living doing it, but it’s not easy. It’s critical to understand and avoid common mistakes encountered by successful entrepreneurs who came before you. That way you can focus on habits that make your blog easy to find, easy to read, and attractive to advertisers and followers.

When you make these proven habits part of your standard operating procedure, you reap long-term benefits. The best news? You can start implementing these tips for a successful blogging journey right away.


How can I clean up my blog if I’ve been making these mistakes?

It’s not too late! You can either focus on refreshing your posts that are performing poorly or promoting your best evergreen posts. When you refocus on building a consistent audience, that’s the foundation for making money as a blogger.

How much money can I make blogging?

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but blogging has one of the highest earning potentials in the freelance and side hustle world. With hard work and commitment to these pro tips, you can grow your blog to earn as much as $5,000 a month or more.

How can I start blogging?

Although Blogging definitely is not for everyone, everyone can do it. Pick a message you enjoy talking about, find your voice, and connect with the right audience. Watch this full step-by-step guide on how to build a successful blog I made, it’s a great starting point.