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Well hey there.

My name is Bobby (AKA M$M around here), and that’s my better half Coral. I paid off $40,000 of student loan debt in a year and a half…on a teacher’s salary. Then I quit my job to run this site. Sign up for my email list below to join over 92,000 monthly readers (AKA the Debt De$troyers) that are kicking debt’s @$$. 🙂






Federal vs. Private Student Loans. Ugh. Honestly, I hate everything about student loans. I hate writing about them, I hated having them, and I especially hate that so many people I know (both friends and students) still struggle with them or are about to start struggling with them. The real thing that is infuriating is [...]

Student Loan Forgiveness Sucks. Yeah. I said it.   I've been asked a few times since I started why I didn't choose to have my loans forgiven, ESPECIALLY because I am a teacher. I usually come up with an artistically crafted response that politely dismisses the thought of having Obama ride down from the clouds on [...]

Here is the standard life plan for the average Millennial after they get through high school: 1) Pick a college and finance a degree. 2) Finance living expenses WHILE financing degree. 3) Graduate and find a starting salary job. 4) Ignore student loans during the 6 month grace period can and it's easier that way.   [...]

I recently went on a really cool 4 day trip to Disney world in Orlando, Florida. I'm sure I should have been paying attention to the sweet 3D rides and Disney animatronics, but people call me the "Money Man" for a reason. The only thing I could see were $ signs, from the park entrances to the [...]

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