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Well hey there.

My name is Bobby (AKA M$M around here), and that’s my better half Coral. I paid off $40,000 of student loan debt in a year and a half…on a teacher’s salary. Then I quit my job to run this site. Sign up for my email list below to join over 92,000 monthly readers (AKA the Debt De$troyers) that are kicking debt’s @$$. 🙂






Well, turned one this week...that is, one month old. Although the site has only been up for a short time, it's doing surprisingly well early on and I've been really happy with it's progress so far. I've gained almost 2,000 twitter followers since I started an account last month, and all of the site [...]

"YOU WORKED HARD to graduate, so Nissan wants to reward you with an easy, stress free buying experience with our College Preferred Pricing." - "YOU'VE CHOSEN THE ROAD YOU'RE ON. NOW PICK A RIDE TO GO WITH IT." - "YOUR ACHIEVEMENT DESERVES RESPECT AND REWARD." - "Hey, you graduated college. Let Honda [...]

It's that time of year again.   For most people, tax time is a complete bummer. Uncle Sam forces you to sit down and look at your finances, and either feel really good or unusually bad about what you accomplished financially in the past year. This time of year generally ends with pure euphoria (tax-refund) [...]

I was so happy when I grabbed the envelope that my dad handed to me. He said something about some money that that my grandmother picked up a while ago...I think. Honestly I wasn't listening after he said money. I'm the 26 year old that still gets hyped up if I get a Christmas card from my relatives [...]

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