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Well hey there.

My name is Bobby (AKA M$M around here), and that’s my better half Coral. I paid off $40,000 of student loan debt in a year and a half…on a teacher’s salary. Then I quit my job to run this site. Sign up for my email list below to join over 92,000 monthly readers (AKA the Debt De$troyers) that are kicking debt’s @$$. 🙂






Hey everyone! As you know, one of my biggest goals is to find ways for you to make extra money throughout the year. It's a great way to pay down debt or just get ahead in general, and you never know what it could turn into (kinda like this site)! I've known Claudia from SEO Audit [...]

How I doubled my income

Hey everyone, I have a great guest post for you today from Sam over at! All of us would like to double our income in the next 5 years. This post has some great insight on understanding and capitalizing on your value in the workplace. Take a look and see if you could apply this to [...]


It's so easy to get wrapped up in talking about how people can attack their student loan debt or move up in their careers (or even start their own business). I love trying to help people with those goals, and it gets more exciting the larger M$M's reach becomes. But the unfortunate reality is that [...]

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