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My name is Bobby (AKA M$M around here), and that’s my better half Coral. I paid off $40,000 of student loan debt in a year and a half…on a teacher’s salary. Then I quit my job to run this site. Sign up for my email list below to join over 30,000 monthly readers (AKA the Debt De$troyers) that are kicking debt’s @$$. 🙂





Bucket List

Hey de$troyers, I took the boat up to Lake Livingston and am chilling at a lakehouse right now with some friends (many live videos will happen this weekend so check out my twitter)! I'm letting Michael from SuperMillennial.com take over the site today. Check out his post on creating a financial bucket list! ~M$M Bucket lists, [...]


Hey De$troyers! Have you ever wondered what the hell Bitcoin is? I have. I literally don't know anyone that has them, but I have this fear of it becoming a major currency and I won't have any haha. My buddy John over at HowIGrowMyWealth.com is educating all of us on using Bitcoin to generate wealth [...]


I have a ton of posts I've been meaning to write lately. "100 Ways to Make Extra Money". "How to Grow your Twitter Following Quickly". "What Does it Feel Like to Be A Millionaire?". This one is absolutely more important, so those can wait. I have to share this message with you. Don't worry, I'll [...]


A lot of you that have followed M$M from the beginning know that I used to drive around a VERY bare-boned little red truck through college and a few years after. I've recently "moved up" to my 2004 Yukon (which I bought for $6,000 cash), and I'm very happy with it. My wife also drives [...]

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