April 2017 Online Income Report: $20,507.77

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  1. The Grounded Engineer

    Proud of you, Bobby, It’s inspiring to watch your blog grow, while you also continue to provide extreme value with the articles you publish. Keep up the good work.

    It sounds like you are scaling back on the coaching, but I’ll throw a plug for you. We had our coaching session back in November – since then, I’ve doubled my blog traffic each month by implementing and continuously reviewing the strategies we discussed. THANK YOU!

    • Millennial Money Man

      Thanks so much! I’m so glad to hear that the coaching went well for you and you’ve doubled traffic! That’s freaking awesome.

      I have cut back on it for sure. I enjoy it a ton, but there are a lot of plates spinning right now so I just had to prioritize other ones first.

  2. Mrs. Picky Pincher

    You’re killin’ it, M$M! Way to hustle and make that great income! 🙂 I do freelance projects through UpWork and it’s overall been a great experience. I do marketing and freelance writing there; if any of y’all want to try it out, it’s a safe platform to use.

    • Millennial Money Man

      You’re actually the reason that I suggest it to people – you mentioned it in a comment one time so I went and checked it out!

    • Millennial Money Man

      Thanks! Dude this month was crazy haha. Everyone just assumes that bloggers make all their income passively, but especially where my blog is right now it’s just not the case. This month was by far the most time I’ve put in so far!

  3. Thesavvycouple.com

    Man we love reading these!

    The best part about running website are the possibilities are literally endless.

    Congrats on your continued success.

    The Facebook niche ads are interested. Being a formal jail deputy maybe I can find some clients looking to market law enforcement products?! ?

    • Millennial Money Man

      That’s actually not a bad idea – military surplus stores, gun stores/shooting ranges, or even holster companies would be a good fit.

      • The Savvy Couple

        Do you have any good resources you used to learn how to run effective facebook ads?

        Knowing your audience is HUGE in marketing as you know. Maybe Brittany can dive into the teaching niche this summer with me =).

  4. The Giving Budget

    You’re doing great! Way to keep going up in income! Sorry, I had you come out of retirement 🙂 But I learned so much from that hour and have grown as a blog so much from it!

    I look forward to seeing if you can keep offering the service of facebook ads to customers as small businesses in general need that service so badly! I know around here people love paying for that service, but then again you are dealing with customers.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Millennial Money Man

      I’m glad to hear it helped! Yeah we’ll see on the FB ads. It was definitely fun to provide the service, but I do think I’m going to move to a “consulting” role so I can teach people how to do it and then they just run the ads themselves. Maybe charge hourly to make changes to their audiences or something. Who knows!

  5. Pete

    You’re killin it bro. Keep up the awesome work.

    P.S. Having spoken with you, here’s a potential product idea for you (one that I’d gladly pay for)

    Finding quality writing/blogging/content marketing gigs.

    You seem to have stumbled into a few because of your talent (inbound), but I’d otherwise love tips regarding that entire process.

    How’d you determine what to charge?
    What do the contracts look like? (if they exist?)
    How do bill them? (monthly, per article?)
    How have you found/pitched additional clients?

    Just sayin. You seem to have worked that out fairly well, and I’d be interested to know more 😉

    • Millennial Money Man

      Yeah I think that’s a good point – I’ve been really struggling with a course because I have different segments of readers. I do think a comprehensive course on how to run a marketing business based on your blog would be pretty cool. It’s definitely a faster way to become profitable with your site than just sitting around and waiting for affiliate income.

  6. Ms. Montana

    Goodness you have a lot of hustle going on! One thing I love about your income reports is that you show all the ways you put work in to earn that money. But you are in a great season of life to ride that wave and just build like crazy!

    • Millennial Money Man

      Haha yeah I have things happening all over the place right now. I’m doing well with managing it, just takes more hours of the day!

    • Millennial Money Man

      I think it’s just the beginning for that honestly. The business of teaching companies how to reach millennials is just getting started!

  7. The Tepid Tamale

    The Digital Marketing seems to be the foundation for you. I have to comb through more of your blog, but is there anywhere that you go deeper into that subject?

    Thanks! And congratulations, what a great month of income!
    -The Tepid Tamale

    • Millennial Money Man

      It definitely was the foundation for me. A lot of people think you can just magically make money in the beginning with your site, but it just doesn’t work that way! Based on requests from a lot of other bloggers, I think I will create a course for using your blog to make money marketing.

  8. Danielle @ The Pennies We Saved

    Another successful month! Good work!

    I recently just landed my first freelance gig by way of cold calling. I would suggest others give that a try! They’ve got nothing to lose!

  9. FinanceSuperhero

    Amazing! And very inspirational! You should go buy yourself a brand new car or something. . . kidding, haha!!

    Just wondering, did you purchase the basic Facebook strategies ebook or one of the larger packages? I recently got my Pinterest traffic mostly humming along on autopilot and am ready to start expanding my reach on Facebook. This week I ran a sample ad campaign and saw my cost per click hover around $.42 – which isn’t awful, but it’s not nearly as good as the $.03-.04 you’ve averaged.

    Also, it’s kinda ironic that you published your income report on the same that I pushed out my first ever income report.

    • Millennial Money Man

      I picked up the $50 package on the eBook, which I feel like was a good call so far. Just keep experimenting with the FB ads – takes a good amount of trial and error.

  10. Millennial Boss

    YES!! Congrats on a killer month. I love that you’ve been so successful with Facebook ads and can leverage your knowledge to help out specific folks in your band niche. I’ve tried a few ads for fun but haven’t received a great return on them just yet. Need to experiment more in the coming weeks. Keep up the great work & inspiration!

  11. Mrs. Farmhouse Finance

    Wow! This is seriously impressive! Your leap of faith on the blog is definitely paying off. We haven’t earned a cent yet, but I’m definitely motivated to try some different things out.

  12. Brittany Ann

    Thanks so much for the kind words about my book (Facebook Strategies Worth Sharing)! I’m so glad to hear that it’s really working out for you!

  13. Belle

    Wow! What a difference a year makes Bobby! Fantastic income!

    Quick question? What kind of page views do you get each month?

    Loving your income reports! Definitely motivated me to put myself out there. Can’t wait to share the good news (once it happens).

    • Millennial Money Man

      Right now I get about 200,000 views/month. Hoping to get that closer to 400k later in the year after the summer slump

  14. Nancy Hoyt

    Awesome job Bobby! You are an inspiration to many people. Always a leader, never a follower! Everything you do is way over my head, but congratulations for being able to actually enjoy your job and to be able to reach out to so many people.

  15. Dave @ Run The Money

    Flat out killing it. That’s what your doing my friend. Congrats on the best month ever! I signed up to become a LendEDU affiliate. Great recommendation.

  16. Russell Barbour

    Great read thank you! I came across you on Michelles affiliate marketing facebook page and its really cool to see how well you are doing. I have been self-employed for 2 years now as well and it is amazing how fast it goes! Thanks for the interesting read and looking forward to reading the rest of your site!

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