Whether you’re just starting your VA business or want to get more specialized to set yourself apart, you may be wondering what virtual assistant services to offer.

Good news! You have almost infinite options, because anything a business needs to get done could be something they outsource to you. 

Some tasks are pretty technical, and you can typically charge more for those. Others require little to no training so that you can start advertising these skills today.

To help unleash your creativity and grow your online business, we’ve put together a list of 60+ services to consider offering as part of your VA brand.

60+ Virtual Assistant Services for 2024


Even the best writers make mistakes, and the tiniest of errors can make their business seem less legit. Your virtual assistant (VA) services could help them maintain a professional image by reviewing written materials for typos, missing words, grammar errors, and more. 

Here are ten different proofreading virtual assistant services you can offer: 

  • Clean up blog articles
  • Catch errors on websites
  • Review e-books
  • Check email campaign content
  • Proof photo captions on social media posts
  • Review sales contracts
  • Edit research papers
  • Fine tune instruction manuals
  • Review advertising copy
  • Proofread recipes

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As a virtual assistant (VA) you take on tasks busy entrepreneurs either don’t have time to do, or don’t have time to learn. Bookkeeping falls into that category, so they hire VAs to handle it.

A VA who provides bookkeeping will often manage the following services:

  • Paying bills
  • Sending invoices
  • Managing employee payroll
  • Expense tracking
  • Reconciling accounts
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Administrative Tasks

Successful VAs design their business to take work off a business owner’s plate. That can often mean taking on general, low-complexity jobs so the entrepreneur can focus on their highest priorities. 

Here are a dozen services you can offer to help lighten your client’s load:

  • Email organization — replying, deleting, moving to folders, converting to tasks 
  • Appointment scheduling and calendar management
  • Book travel — find deals on hotels, car rentals, and flights, manage rewards accounts
  • Data entry — setting up new customer accounts, recording data in spreadsheets
  • Research — Find data and content for articles, white papers, books
  • Transcription — meeting notes, medical dictation, video scripts
  • Recruiting — sending out materials to prospects or scheduling events to attract talent
  • Managing a team of VAs — If you’re experienced at coordinating individuals into a cohesive team, you can be the liaison between all the VAs that support a business and the owner
  • Self-publishing assistance —researching options and setting up PDF documents, submitting manuscripts
  • Set up systems — Implement standard processes to help the business run smoothly
  • Provide onboarding for new hires — ensure tax forms are completed, reviewing company handbook, providing direct deposit setup instructions
  • Keep cloud documents organized

Social Media Management

Some virtual assistants offer social media management as part of a broader catalog of services. But did you know you can be a VA who specializes in social? Offering these options may give you the competitive edge.

  • Digital marketing — running Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Social community management — responding to DMs, comments from followers, monitoring online customer reviews and mentions
  • Affiliate management — identify and recruit influencers to market your client’s products and services
  • Influencer campaign management  – ensure consistent posting schedules and on-brand posts; manage the influencer/business relationships
  • SEO expertise — keyword research, writing SEO optimized content
  • Schedule email campaigns 
  • Manage email subscriber lists
  • Set up social media scheduling tools — use specialized applications to ensure consistent and frequent online activity
  • Administer Facebook groups — admitting new members, monitoring posts
  • Manage pinterest accounts — creating a posting calendar, creating gorgeous posts that attract pins
  • Refresh LinkedIn Profiles — give your client’s profile a glow up to ensure it stays relevant and ranks high in searches

Content Creation 

Many clients run out of time to produce their own content once their business grows to a certain level, so they hire VAs to help. Take a look at these content options you could add to your VA business.

  • Ghostwriting —  Freelance writing under the business owner’s name, you can supply blog articles, ad copy, website copy, white papers, books, e-books, recipes – the possibilities are endless!
  • Resumé writing 
  • Create eBooks and online course materials — This could vary from taking a client’s raw materials and turning them into an organized set of lessons, or simply editing and formatting what the customer has already created.


Every business needs a beautiful website and eye-catching logos. Virtual Assistants who have a gift with visual content may be able to charge a premium for these services because demand is high and there just aren’t that many people who have mastered these virtual assistant services.

  • Graphic design — creating logos, ads, flyers, branded materials
  • Website design — Making sure the company website looks great and is organized in a user-friendly way.
  • Website maintenance — Ensuring links work, fixing programming errors, updating social media share options as platforms evolve
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations


All businesses are selling something, whether it’s a product, a service, or advice. But you can niche down in your VA services to meet the needs of e-commerce stores and open up a whole new world for your brand.

  • Setting up online store accounts— establish a profile on Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, etc.
  • Sales Event Management — Managing contests, discounts, and giveaways
  • Lead generation — any activity that helps identify and attract potential customers
  • Respond to customer inquiries
  • Project management for product launches

Customer Service

Many businesses outsource their customer support channels, and VAs who offer these services can help in several ways.

  • Customer Service — Phone
  • Customer Service — Live Chat
  • Customer Service — Replying to customer inquiries, logging frequently asked questions, processing refunds

Blog Support

If you read up on the business of running a profitable blog, you might be surprised how many details must be well-managed to keep attracting and retaining followers.  As a VA who supports bloggers, you can help with these services:

  • Optimizing blog posts — Making sure links aren’t broken, references to dates stay current, affiliate links are refreshed, and the overall look stays up-to-date.
  • Managing editorial calendar — overseeing the schedule for posting, organizing ideas for articles, coordinating with content contributors
  • Uploading and formatting blog posts — using WordPress or other platforms to make sure the blog is posted and visible to audiences
  • Research — Identifying potential topics, researching content, verifying accuracy of facts and figures
  • Optimizing website SEO — Using data and key word research to help blog articles rank high in search engine results
  • Tracking and reporting blog metrics
  • Sourcing stock photos — finding the best photo to match the content and ensuring it’s downloaded legally and gives photographer credit when required
  • Editing photos and graphics — adding logos, slogans, and branding to stock photos
  • Guest posting — Identifying opportunities for the blog owner to author guest posts on other bloggers’ sites

Podcasting Support

It may seem like everybody you know wants to start a podcast these days, and that’s good news for VAs! Many podcasters don’t realize all the nitty gritty tasks that go into producing a compelling episode or series. That’s where you come in!

VAs who work for podcasters offer the following services, and more.

  • General administrative support — Editing scripts, pre-show research, scheduling guests, sending thank you notes
  • Transcription — Turning audio content into written scripts
  • Sponsorship — identifying and soliciting sponsors to support the podcast financially 
  • Writing show notes

Final Word

You can grow your VA business exponentially when you add the kinds of virtual assistant services we shared above. It’s not necessarily about offering more, but about getting exceptionally good at what you offer. 

You can be a VA who not only schedules appointments but manages a whole social media campaign calendar. Or maybe you specialize in the types of services bloggers need because you have experience in SEO research and freelance writing.

Whatever you choose, the services we listed are designed to get you thinking creatively about your options. Before you know it, you will be indispensable to busy clients who need your specialized skills, your time, or both. And being indispensable is a great way to ensure your business succeeds!


Should I price my work per hour or per service?

Well, first, these aren’t your only options. You might decide to combine related services to create a package of tasks and charge per package. So, it really depends on how specialized and time-consuming the services are that you want to offer.

If you’re new to becoming a virtual assistant, charging by hour is likely to be the simplest way to get started. If you decide to niche down into specialty services or a specific business type, that’s when pricing by package might make more sense.

How much money can I make as a Virtual Assistant?

VAs typically make $15 to $30 an hour when first getting started, but that’s definitely not the limit. Some VAs bring in seven figures by moving from doing the daily work to managing a team of VAs who support dozens of clients.