Did you know that you can get paid to write reviews that influence companies who make the products and services you use regularly?

Companies don’t simply create awesome products out of thin air — they use a lengthy testing process that helps them serve specific user needs. One of the best ways to get that feedback is through surveys and reviews.

Because that kind of market research data is so valuable, companies pay people for their time and opinions, and it’s a pretty easy side hustle to get started.

Learn how much you can expect to make with each, how to get started, and tips for success.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most well-known sites for paid reviews. It’s 100% free, and they pay for your opinions on different brands and products.

The way Survey Junkie works is that you fill out some basic demographic information when you sign up, and then they start matching you with surveys. The goal is to match you with surveys related to your interests and habits.

There are already 10 million users who get paid to write reviews on Survey Junkie. They pay in points that convert to cash, and you can cash out once you have $5 worth of points.

Survey Junkie

Earn $1-$3 per survey

Survey Junkie pays $1 to $3 on average for surveys, and you can cash your earnings out for PayPal cash, eGift cards, or bank transfer.

2. MyPoints

MyPoints is another popular and free site to write reviews for. In addition to surveys, you can earn money by shopping online, downloading their browser extension, reading emails, watching videos, playing games, and more.

New users get a $10 welcome bonus for signing up, and you can also earn referral bonuses when your friends or family sign up through your unique MyPoints link.

Through the MyPoints referral program, you get paid for sharing your opinions and also when your friends and family share theirs.


Claim your $10 new user bonus!

It’s free to sign up for MyPoints, and it takes less than 10 minutes to start making money by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is owned by the same company that owns MyPoints, so they’re really similar — including the $10 welcome bonus for new users!

Swagbucks is an incredibly popular rewards platform, and users get paid to give feedback on various products and services. If you’ve done any research on paid reviews, there is a good chance you’ve heard of Swagbucks.

Most users use Swagbucks for online surveys, but there are occasionally opportunities to test products and write reviews. You can also make money watching videos, surfing the web, and playing games.


Earn $10 when you sign up for Swagbucks

New users can claim a $10 sign-up bonus, and then you can start getting paid to take online surveys, watch videos, play games, and more.

4. Branded Surveys

Here’s another great way to get paid by taking surveys and writing reviews: Branded Surveys provides market research for Fortune 500 companies.

Branded Surveys has a badge system that rewards you for taking more surveys. You earn higher ranking badges for taking more surveys and referring friends. Branded Surveys unlocks more earning opportunities as you rank higher. Basically, it pays to spend more time on their platform.

Branded Surveys

Earn an average of $3 per survey

Branded Surveys pays users in points that convert to cash, and you can redeem your points for PayPal cash, checks, or gift cards.

5. Pinecone Research

Back in college, I took paid surveys on Pinecone Research, so I know they’re completely legitimate! Plus, Pinecone Research is owned by Nielsen Holdings, which is a well-known data and market research firm.

Pinecone Research invites users to participate in market research studies, and you earn points for every study you complete. Like other paid review platforms, those points convert to cash that you can redeem for PayPal cash, gift cards, or check.

The only downside to Pinecone Research is that most users are only eligible for 1-2 studies per month.

6. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a popular market research platform where you can make money writing reviews about products you test, taking surveys, and watching ads.

Most of the surveys on this site average 10-15 minutes long (this is shorter than most paid surveys) and pay $0.50 on average. But the longer surveys pay pretty well, at an average of $5 per survey.

If you know someone else who would want to get paid to write reviews, Opinion Outpost has a rewards program that pays $1 for every friend you refer. Your friend will need to complete at least one survey before you earn your $1, and you can make up to $5 total.

Opinion Outpost

Earn $0.50 to $5 per survey

Opinion Outpost pays in points that you can redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards to Amazon, Home Depot, iTunes, and more.

7. Start a blog

If you have strong opinions and want to share them with the world, why not start a blog!?

This is, by far, the most lucrative idea on this list, and there’s the potential to earn passive income from the reviews you write.

Let me explain:

One common source of blogging income is affiliate marketing. It’s when a blogger recommends a product or service on their site, and readers can purchase or sign-up through a unique affiliate link. You either earn money for each new sign-up or sale — this depends on the affiliate program.

How you get paid to write reviews is if you write a review about one of your affiliate products and readers decide to sign up for that product using your link. Best practice is to only work with companies and brands that you (the blogger) believe in.

Your affiliate marketing strategy also needs to relate directly to your blog. That’s why I’ve recommended several of my affiliates in this article already — these paid survey sites and review platforms help my readers make money.

While I blog about personal finance and making money, you can blog about travel, parenting, cooking, beauty products, etc. Almost anything you’re interested in!

If you’d like to learn more, here are two resources I highly recommend:

  • Bluehost: This is a blog hosting service that’s super affordable (it costs as little as $2.95/month), and you can start a WordPress blog on Bluehost in about 20 minutes.

8. Become a freelance writer

Freelance writers are responsible for writing what you read both online and in print, including reviews. Becoming a freelance writer means you can work with a variety of clients and get paid to write reviews, blog posts, product descriptions, emails, and much more.

Most freelance writers specialize in a specific niche, and that helps them hone in on the type of clients they work with and the writing they do. For example, if you love cooking, you could get paid to write reviews about new kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, even test and review different packaged foods.

Freelance writers can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 a month. It all depends on your experience, clients, and workload.

Freelance Writing Course

Make $1,000 to $5,000/month as a freelance writer

Go from “I don’t know what I’m doing” to “I landed my first client!”

9. Prize Rebel

Now that we’re back to survey sites that will pay for your reviews on different products and services, Prize Rebel has been doing that since 2007.

Prize Rebel says they have 12 million users globally and that their goal is to provide you with consistent extra income by taking surveys from the comfort of your home.

Prize Rebel uses a tiered badge system to reward users, and as you move up, you earn more when you refer friends, earn bonus points, and can automatically redeem your points.

10. Slicethepie

Slicethepie says it’s “the largest paid review site on the internet,” and users have already earned over $6,900,000 through this platform.

Slicethepie launched in 2007 as a way to identify upcoming artists, but now they also provide insights on fashion, mobile phone accessories, and more. The reviews you leave are used by executives, designers, buyers, and merchandisers to determine which products will be the most successful.

The way it works is simple: you get paid for reviews based on what you see, and you’re paid for every review you complete. Once you’ve hit $10 in earnings, you can cash out via PayPal.

11. Moms Meet

This one is for parents only, and you can earn rewards for testing out healthy, organic, and eco-friendly products with your family and friends.

The way it works is that you first need to apply for the Mom Ambassador or Blog Ambassador program. Then, Moms Meet will send you products to sample, and they want honest opinions that will help them improve products.

Along with writing reviews about those products, you can also earn points by watching videos, participating in community discussions, and completing quests. You’re paid in points that are redeemable for gift cards, printables, surprise packs, and gifts.

12. Get Reviewed

If you’re a blogger, you can sign up for Get Reviewed, and they will pay you for sponsored blog posts and reviews. They require that you have a domain authority of 20+ and have a self-hosted blog.

Companies order reviews and sponsored posts through Get Reviewed — it’s basically a way for brands to get their products out in front of a new audience.

You’re paid cash via PayPal 14 days after your article has been completed, and it’s free to join.

13. UserTesting

UserTesting is one of the most reputable sites for paid reviews, and you can make up to $120 per test.

You have to apply to be a tester and take a practice exam, and once approved, UserTesting will start matching you with test opportunities.

The tests involve video recording yourself using a specific product or service, and companies watch how you react to the product to gain valuable insights that help them improve things.

UserTesting pays based on the length of the test:

  • $4 for every 5-minute test
  • $10 for every 20-minute test
  • $30 to $120 for live interviews

You’re paid via PayPal cash 7 days after you’ve completed each test.

14. MyVoice

MyVoice is a national text messaging poll that focuses on hearing the opinions of 14 to 24-year olds across the U.S. It’s based at the University of Michigan, and it has IRB approval. The IRB (International Review Board) reviews and monitors research involving human subjects.

The information collected by MyVoice is used to help policymakers and community leaders make real-time decisions.

Once you’ve signed up, participants get 2-5 questions a week via text message each week for 12 weeks in a row.

You earn $5 for completing the sign-up form and $1 for every poll you complete. MyVoice pays in Amazon credits, and you earn an additional $3 bonus if you answer every poll for the full 12 weeks.

Why get paid to write reviews?

Like any side hustle, it’s important to understand the pros and cons before you invest any of your time. The major con here is that getting paid to write reviews isn’t the most lucrative gig. That’s unless you start a blog or become a freelance writer.

The majority of the options on this list don’t pay incredibly well, especially the paid survey sites, but there are still benefits that are worth mentioning, like:

You can work from home

Being able to work remotely is a serious perk these days. It’s an excellent option for parents, students, and people who already work full-time jobs. It can be a challenge to stay focused when you’re working from home (I currently work from home with a toddler, so I feel this deeply), but that’s what’s great about getting paid to write reviews.

Most review sites don’t require you to stay focused for hours on end. It might take less than 20 minutes, depending on the task.

You can make money in your spare time

Speaking of the time commitment, it’s no secret that most of us lack spare time. But you can get paid to write reviews whenever you do have a little extra time. That could be while you’re watching Netflix after a long day, on your lunch break, or while you’re waiting in the carpool line.

You’ll have extra money to reach your financial goals

Whether you want to stash money aside in savings or pay down debt, side hustles can help you achieve your goals. There are far more lucrative side hustles, but every little bit helps.

Tips to make money writing reviews

Once you sign up to write reviews and take surveys, we highly encourage you to follow these tips:

Always be honest

Market research companies want honest feedback, and they also require that you’re honest when signing up. You can be kicked off a site when you falsify information, especially if the intent is to qualify for more survey opportunities.

Avoid scams

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams surrounding paid review sites, but you can avoid them by doing your research before signing up. My team has researched each of the options on this site, but you can also check Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and the FTC.

You should never be asked to give your Social Security number or credit card information, even if they say it’s to submit payment. Look for sites that use secure payment services, like PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Understand the payment options

Most paid review sites pay in points that convert to cash, and you need to reach a certain threshold before cashing out. We prefer sites that have a lower point threshold because you get paid faster, and you’re less likely to leave money sitting in your account.

Also, some sites let you redeem your points for gift cards — these are only useful if you’ll actually use them.

Know how to prioritize your time

A good review site will give you an estimated time for how long it will take to complete a task, and they’ll tell you how much you’ll earn for that time. The rule of thumb is to avoid jobs that take a long time without a high payout.

Your time is valuable, and this is one of the complaints about paid review sites. Most don’t pay incredibly well. So make sure you’re comfortable with your time investment and the ROI.

Get paid to write reviews: The final word

Online surveys are the most common way to earn money from reviews, but the pay can be as little as $1-$3 per hour. You can earn much more writing reviews as a blogger or freelance writer.

Still, if you are interested in a low commitment side hustle, online surveys and paid review sites are plentiful. You can start by signing up for Survey Junkie, and there’s no reason you can’t also join sites like Pinecone Research or Branded Surveys.

Each platform has different opportunities, so you’re likely to earn more if you join multiple sites.


Can you get paid to write reviews?

Yes, companies like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie pay for your opinions and feedback about a variety of different brands and companies. Your reviews are used to improve products and create a better user experience overall.

How much do you get paid for reviews?

The best sites pay more than minimum wage. For example, UserTesting pays $10 for a 20-minute interview and up to $120 for live reviews. However, it’s more common for companies to pay $3-$5 per hour.

How do I get paid for Google reviews?

Google does not pay for reviews, but you can earn points for writing reviews, and these help you level up and unlock badges.

Can I get paid for Amazon reviews?

No, Amazon has banned paying for reviews.