Making money online today is easier than ever, especially with the 50+ digital product ideas I share below. You don’t need a particular degree or a lot of money. Anyone can start a side gig selling digital products.

All you need is the desire to make money and the creativity to develop an idea you think your target audience will want.

If you’re inspired to make money online, check out the best product ideas below.

What Are Digital Products?

A digital product is any product you can sell online repeatedly without recreating it. Most digital products are downloadable, giving buyers instant access to the product via email or instant download.

For example, I bought a digital planner the other day. I had it in my inbox within seconds of paying for it and could print it and do what I want with it.

The Benefits of Selling Digital Products

While selling digital products isn’t 100% passive since you need to create the product in the first place, there are many benefits of selling digital products, including:

  • You don’t have to keep an inventory. This lowers your overall costs and reduces the risk of missing a sale because you ran out of product.
  • Without inventory to replenish, you don’t have a cost of goods sold and may earn higher profits.
  • With the right platform, you can automatically fulfill orders, leaving you free to live your life (or sleep) while your products make money for you.
  • You can sell subscriptions, give away free products to gain interest, and even change pricing as you go.

If these reasons didn’t get your juices flowing with ideas of digital products to sell, here are 50 ideas to get you going.

50 Digital Products You Can Sell

Before diving into this extensive list of digital product ideas, check out the main categories for creating and selling digital products below.

  • Video
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Education

I won’t make you wait any longer. Here’s my list of 50 digital product ideas you can get started on today.


Videos convey a message quickly and can be pretty entertaining. Digital video products can be informational, fun, or educational. They can tell a story, walk you through a tutorial, or help companies sell a product.

If you don’t mind being in front of the camera, have a captivating voice and personality, and love to help companies meet their marketing goals, selling video products may be the industry for you.

Here are some digital product ideas, including videos:

1. Create stock videos

Some companies don’t have the money to hire a custom videographer to create video marketing specifically for their company. Enter stock videos, a less expensive alternative anyone can provide. 

Choose your niche and create stock videos any business or freelancer can use to market a product or share a theme.

2. Create video courses

Online courses are incredibly popular today, even more so since COVID hit. Not everyone likes reading or listening to the audio, though. Video courses give students a hands-on approach to learning while providing the visual presentation learners prefer.

Your video courses can be in any niche, from how-to courses to informative courses. Think about what you’re knowledgeable about because it can probably help others and you’ll get paid for it.

3. Create animations

If you’re good at creating animation, other videographers may buy your products to use in their videos. 

4. Sell video workout subscriptions

If you’re an exercise enthusiast or personal trainer, create workout videos that anyone around the world can subscribe to and do on their own time. You’ll earn a monthly subscription fee and only have to teach/record the routine once. But, you can sell it multiple times.

Other digital video products to sell:

5. Presets

6. LUTs

7. Intros

8. Short films

9. Cooking classes

10. Beauty classes

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If you’re better at writing than speaking, you can create written digital products. You don’t need to be a published writer to make money selling digital-written-by-you products. With good grammar, engaging topics, and the right platforms, many digital product ideas writers can make decent money.

If you’ve always loved to write like me, try these digital product ideas.

11. Content templates

Everyone is online these days, so companies need ways to engage their audience and capture their information. Not everyone is a born marketer, though. If the words don’t come easily, creating marketing content could be a huge burden for business owners.

Content templates give business owners a fill-in-the-blank template to create their own script, sales page, email, or any other content you think would be helpful. You’ll save business owners’ time and give them the words needed to convert ‘lookers’ into ‘buyers.’

12. Lesson plans and worksheets

If you’re a teacher or always wanted to be one, now’s your chance! Consider creating lesson plans, worksheets, and other educational material for teachers and listing it for sale online. Teachers today have a lot on their plate, and the easier it’s for them to get content ready to teach, the better.

Think not only of traditional school but also online courses like what you can find on Udemy or Skillshare. For example, you could create checklists for online courses, one-sheets for seminars, or worksheets for teachers.

13. Formatted resumes

If you’re a resume whiz and have a tried-and-true template, consider selling your resume template. Whoever buys it has to enter their personal information. But, if you lay out the basics for them, they can easily enter their previous employment and skills while utilizing the words and design you’ve created.

14. How-to guides

Are you handy and knowledgeable on a particular topic you know stumps most people? It could be something as simple as meal planning or something as complex as computer programming.

You write the guide one time and can sell it as many times as you want. Talk about passive income! Selling how-to guides is a great way to get a following, too, if you plan to write more guides or content.

15. E-book

If you’ve always dreamt of being a published writer, you can write an e-book and sell it as a digital product. There’s no limit on topics – choose a niche you’re interested in and know a lot about (or can research). 

Here are a few e-book topics:

  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction stories
  • Recipes
  • Reference
  • Law 
  • Self-help
  • Personal finance
  • Parenting
  • Relationships

Other written products to sell:

16. Printable guides

17. Printable calendars

18. Diet plans

19. Exercise plans

20. Digital planners


If design is your strong suit, the sky’s the limit with digital product ideas. Digital design is highly sought after by business owners because it’s not a skill that all people can pick up. Anyone trying to build a website or create graphics for their social media accounts will turn to graphic designers for help.

If you’re good at designing, here are some digital product ideas.

21. Create logos

With millions of people starting their own business or side gig today, logo creations are a hot commodity. If you don’t want the pressure of creating customized logos for every person who contacts you, create a portfolio of “generic” logo templates and sell them online. Then, people can change up the logos to customize them to their unique needs.

22. Create design templates

Tap into your design expertise to create beautiful design templates for others to customize on their own. You can utilize programs like Canva, Photoshop, or even Word, so your templates are accessible to every skill level. They can use them to create Pinterest boards, web pages, or other designs for their business.

Want to create eye-catching designs without all the complicated software?

Canva makes design approachable and easy with their tools, templates, and stock photos.

23. Create fonts

Custom fonts are a popular download today too. People download fonts for Cricut (vinyl) designs, and business owners use unique fonts for their websites and marketing materials to get the perfect vibe.

24. Printable coloring pages

Adult coloring is a popular hobby today as more people focus on self-care, living in the moment, and unwinding after a long day. Downloadable coloring pages are a great way to make a side income while creating something fun. 

Other digital design products to sell:

25. Wedding invitation templates

26. Printable journals

27. Printable grocery lists

28. Blank meal plans

29. Customized wallpapers

30. Scrapbook layouts

31. Printable calendars

32. Printable planners


Even the most skilled website designer or graphic designer needs good photos. The layout and design make the website usable and look good, but the images bring the viewers to the website and keep them there.

Photographs are a great digital product idea if you have a knack for taking and editing photos. Here are some ways you can use them to make money.

33. Sell stock photos

You can take a photo once and sell it hundreds or thousands of times. We aren’t talking about your standard ‘boring’ stock photos, but rather stock photos with custom layouts you create. Choose a niche and think about the pictures business owners in the industry may need. 

A few examples include a setup and designed dining room table, a desk with a fantastic layout (computer, planners, vision boards, etc.), a book layout with coffee, a cozy blanket, and a comfortable bed. 

Every business owner loves a good stock photo!

34. Sell premade filters

Premade filters give business owners something to work with when creating their social media pages. It’s hard enough to keep up with social media content, but to design filters is sometimes too much. Selling stock premade filters allows business owners to use them as they need for their social media marketing.

35. Sell Photoshop templates

If you’re a Photoshop expert, consider creating templates to sell to those who are less than Photoshop savvy. Buyers can use the templates for websites, social media pages, and other marketing materials. They’ll thank you for it, too.

36. Sell photography workshops

If you’re an expert photographer and have a way with words, you can teach a course to budding photographers. You teach the course once, and users can download it, taking the class on their own time.

You can customize your pricing to offer just the class, or the class plus online support, giving users a subscription-style membership allowing them to access your expertise as long as they are a member.

Other digital product ideas with photography:

37. Create textures

38. Create photography guides or ‘cheat sheets’

39. Drone photos

40. Calendars or layouts with your stock images


Need a platform to host your digital product ideas?

Shopify is the perfect option to help you easily build your own store of digital products to sell online. 


The internet changed how we learn. There’s no question about it. Today people can’t get their hands on enough material – they want more e-books, videos, and courses. But, you don’t have to be a teacher to create a course or a writer to create an e-book. Anyone with expertise in a specific area can make money creating digital products.

Here are the top ways you can make digital educational products.

41. E-books

Even though I mentioned this in the writing section, it’s worth mentioning again. E-Books are a great way to share your expertise and teach your audience a new skill. You can write how-to books or informational books about a topic you think will help others. Do your research to see what people may need, what hasn’t been covered already, or how you can beat the existing competition by adding value.

42. Courses

Online courses are more popular today than ever. People love hands-on learning from the comfort of their home, and the combination of written material, videos, and audio touch on all the ways different people learn best. Courses can be complex or straightforward – for beginners or experts.

43. Text-based memberships

If you aren’t the type to get in front of a camera, you can still make money with digital products using text-based services. These are popular with health coaches, fitness coaches, and life coaches. You create a membership and send out written content regularly. 

Other digital product ideas for educational needs:

44. Meal plans

45. Diet plans

46. Self-help resources

47. Membership sites

48. Quizzes

49. Travel planning templates

50. Tutorials

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Digital Product Ideas – The Final Word

There are hundreds of digital product ideas anyone can create right now. You don’t need a lot of equipment or inventory. It starts with an idea and a passion. Once you start, you’ll probably find you can’t stop. One idea leads to another, and before you know it, you have a nice passive income streaming in after putting in the hard work upfront.

Whether you’re looking to start a side gig, supplement your 9 to 5 income, or want to leave the rat race and make money from home, I’m telling you that the sky’s the limit. It all starts with your creativity and time.