It’s gotten more difficult to sell gift cards online because the market has gotten over-saturated, but we’ve got an up-to-date list of places to sell gift cards for cash.

If you’re like me, you’ve got a stash of unused or partially used gift cards. Offloading those gift cards is a great way to make extra money if you know where to look. Unfortunately, several of the top options are no longer buying gift cards, which is why I made sure this list was current for 2024.

5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards in 2024

1. Raise

Raise is an e-commerce app that launched back in 2013 to help consumers save money and earn rewards. One of the ways they do that is by purchasing unwanted gift cards.

You can sell gift cards quickly and easily through Raise, and one of the nice things about this platform is that they give you an idea of how much your card will sell for before you list it. For example, I searched Target gift cards, and Raise said current Target listings have anywhere from a 0.10% to 0.20% discount.

That means Target gift cards sell really close to their actual value on Raise.

I also looked up PetCo. gift cards to give you an idea of the different valuations, and PetCo. cards typically go for about 5% less than their full value. The variation in value isn’t uncommon, because it’s based on demand.

You’ll need to create a free account on Raise to start listing your gift cards for sale, and you are required to enter the serial number, pin (if applicable), current balance, and selling price.

You maintain control over your listing, so you can lower the price after a few days if it’s not selling. You can even unlist your card if you want.

Raise charges a 15% seller fee, but that’s only when your gift card sells. There’s also a 1% or $2.75 fee (whichever is greater) for selling physical gift cards. Raise pays you via PayPal or ACH deposit, both of which are free payment options. You can request a physical check, but there’s a $30 fee for that — I’d avoid that if possible.

Pros and cons of selling gift cards on Raise

  • Pay close to the remaining value of your card for popular retailers
  • You maintain control over your listing
  • Take a 15% seller fee which cuts into you how much money you actually make
  • You may need to lower the price to sell your card

Sell your gift cards on Raise

Raise pays you cash via PayPal or ACH transfer for your unwanted gift cards, and you maintain control over your listings.

2. CardCash

CardCash launched in 2008 and says they have the world’s largest inventory of discounted gift cards. Notably, CardCash has been recognized on Inc 5000’s Nation’s Fastest-Growing Companies list for six years in a row.

CardCash says they will pay you up to 92% of the card value, but you will better understand what your card is worth by visiting their “Sell” page. You’ll enter the retailer’s name and how much is left on your card.

To compare places to sell gift cards online, I entered information saying I wanted to sell a $50 Target gift card, and CardCash said they’d give me $41.75. That’s much less than I’d get for it with Raise.

However, you can exchange a gift card on CardCash to earn more. For example, I could exchange that same card for a $44.67 Lowe’s gift card.

It might seem like CardCash isn’t the best place, but there is nothing on their site that says they charge sellers fees, like the 15% seller fee on Raise. But they do charge you a small verification fee. CardCash will buy your gift cards for cash via check in the mail, ACH deposit, or PayPal — it takes about 1-2 days to receive your funds once your order is approved.

Pros and cons of selling gift cards on CardCash

  • Very low fees charged to sellers
  • Only takes 1-2 days to receive your funds
  • Poor customer service
  • Reviews online have concerns about the site selling fraudulent gift cards

CardCash has low seller fees

Sellers only pay verification fees when selling on CardCash, and they will pay you cash for your gift cards via PayPal, ACH deposit, or stick a check in the mail.

3. ClipKard

ClipKard is an online marketplace for buying and selling unwanted gift cards. According to ClipKard, here’s how the process works:

  • Step 1: Add cards. Enter the value of each card, how many you have of each, and the serial number for each card.
  • Step 2: Get offer. ClipKard will review the information you’ve submitted for each card and will make a competitive offer. They say they base offers on the value of the card, plus the retail brand that manufacturers them.
  • Step 3: Ship cards. For physical gift cards, you’ll need to ship them to ClipKard via USPS, and they will either pay you for shipping or deduct it from your total.
  • Step 4: Get paid. You can sell gift cards and receive payment through PayPal or a check via mail.
  • Step 5: Earn rewards. You earn rewards for every transaction on the platform — buying and selling. For example, once you earn 1,000 points, you’ll receive a $10 discount on a future purchase.

The biggest downside of ClipKard is that they only purchase gift cards from 15 specific companies: Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Disney Store, Domino’s, Dunkin Donuts, Gap, Hollister, JCPenny, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Marriot, Starbucks, Subway, Victoria’s Secret, and Walmart.

I couldn’t do my Target gift card comparison, but I entered that I wanted to sell a $20 Starbucks gift card, and ClipKard said it would pay me $12.23 for my card.

There are no fees to sell gift cards on ClipKard, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when comparing valuations with other sites.

Pros and cons of selling gift cards on ClipKard

  • No seller fees
  • Very high online trust ratings
  • Only buys gift cards from 15 retailers
  • Lower card values compared to other sites

ClipKard is one of the most trusted places for gift cards

High online trust ratings make ClipKard one of the best places to sell gift cards online for cash.

4. GameFlip

GameFlip is unique in that it’s specifically for selling things related to video games. You can buy and sell gift cards, in-game items, video games, NFTs, movies, collectibles, and accessories. You can even buy and sell time playing with pro gamers and creative gigs like building things in games and creating custom Discord servers. This site is a mix of eBay and Upwork, but for gamers — pretty cool!

But because you’re reading for information on how to sell gift cards, let me explain how that’s done on GameFlip…

GameFlip lets you sell unused prepaid and nonreloadable gift cards to Amazon, App Store, Google Play, PSN, and Xbox Live. You have total control over how much your cards are listed for, but they recommend you discount them somewhere between 2% and 15%.

Once your card is sold, funds are transferred to your GameFlip wallet (you set this up when you create an account), and you can withdraw funds to Payoneer, Skrill, Wise, or Bitcoin. Unfortunately, they don’t use PayPal anymore.

There is an 8% fee on any listings you sell on GameFlip, and they take an additional 2% cut for digital-only listings.

Pros and cons of selling gift cards on GameFlip

  • Can sell more than just gift cards
  • Great for selling to a specific niche
  • Doesn’t pay via PayPal or ACH transfer
  • Online buys gamer-related gift cards

Sell gamer gift cards on GameFlip

You can sell gift cards to Google Play, PSN, xBox Live, Amazon, and more on Game Flip.

5. GiftCash

GiftCash has been around since 2017, and since then, they’ve bought over 2 million gift cards and have paid out over $180 million. They have a three-step process of buying gift cards for cash: enter your cards, accept their offer, and take your choice of payout (including crypto!)

You can get an instant quote on their site, and they support over 150 different retailers.

Since Target is one of their supported brands, I was able to see that they’d give me $41.50 for my $50 Target card. That’s on par with what CardCash pays.

Here’s an idea of what you can earn on their site for different popular retailers:

  • 85% payout on Apple cards
  • 94% payout on Costco gift cards
  • 90% payout on IKEA gift cards
  • 85% payout on Lowe’s cards

Once you’ve accepted the offer and decide to sell through CardCash, they pay you via ACH transfer or with cryptocurrency. The crypto choices you have are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Tether.

GiftCash requires a $25 minimum balance, so probably won’t be the best option to sell all of your unwanted gift cards.

If you want to sell physical gift cards on this site, they may require that you “swipe” your card first. Yes, they want you to literally swipe your card through a card reader first so they can get more accurate information about your card. They recommend a $15 card reader on Amazon that plugs into your computer.

Pros and cons of selling gift cards on GiftCash

  • Supports over 150 different retailers
  • Great customer service ratings
  • Only buys gift cards with balances of $25 or more
  • May need to buy a card reader for physical cards

Gift cash has great customer service

Solid customer service goes a long way, and it means you’re more likely to have a positive experience when you sell your gift cards online.

Where can I sell gift cards in person?

GiftCardBin is an in-person alternative if you don’t want to sell gift cards online. They aren’t as lucrative, but it’s nice to know it’s an option

They used to buy gift cards online, but now GiftCardBin only does buys gift cards through one of its 600 partner sites located throughout the U.S.

You can find one by going to GiftCardBin and entering your zip code. A map will pop up with places to sell your gift cards, and most of them are pay-day lending centers. This is probably the best way to get fast cash for your gift cards, but it’s much less than you’ll make selling online.

Best places for selling specific types of gift cards

If you want to sell specific types of gift cards, below is an idea of the best places to sell so you get the most cash for your cards.

Where can I sell iTunes gift cards?

You know you’re a millennial if one of your relatives has given you an iTunes gift card. This was the go-to gift for years! Not as many people use iTunes anymore, which is why it’s hard to find a site to buy them.

You might not realize that iTunes gift cards are interchangeable with App Store gift cards. Still, it’s hard to find places that will buy iTunes gift cards specifically.

CardCash says they will buy iTunes gift cards specifically, and they’ll purchase a  $10 iTunes gift card for $7.50.

Where can I sell Amazon gift cards?

It’s hard to find sell Amazon gift cards for cash right now. Raise only buys them for select sellers, but GameFlip says they still buy unused, prepaid, nonreloadable Amazon gift cards.

Where can I sell eGift cards?

Any of the sites above — Raise, CardCash, ClipKard, GameFlip, and GiftCash — will buy eGift cards. The market for selling gift cards has gotten pretty saturated over the past couple of years, so places like CardPool and Gift Card Granny are no longer purchasing eGift cards or physical ones.

The final word on best places to sell gift cards

Selling gift cards is a great way to make extra cash, but the reality is probably different than you expect. For one, several of the top places to sell gift cards online are no longer buying them, like CardPool and Gift Card Granny, and that’s because the market has gotten overly saturated.

Fortunately, there are still places to sell them — Raise, CardCash, ClipKard, GameFlip, and GiftCash. You won’t receive the remaining balance’s full value, so be prepared for that.

Depending on which retailer they’re for, it will take a little research to find the best place to sell your cards, but hopefully, this gives you an idea of the best places to start.