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Peddle has bought and resold or repurposed over 2 million cars since they were founded in 2011. They specialize in offering a fast and convenient way to sell your car, especially if you want to get rid of a junk car. You won’t get top dollar for your vehicle with Peddle, but they’re betting that you’ll choose them for the convenience.


  • Incredibly convenient
  • Very user-friendly website
  • No obligation offers


  • Price not guaranteed and may change
  • Low purchase price
  • Complaints about third-party tow pick up

What is Peddle?

Peddle is an online car-buying service that offers a convenient alternative to selling your car privately or to a dealership. The service is free and fast, and Peddle is known for buying junk cars, i.e. cars that would be difficult to sell otherwise.

You will quickly get an offer on your car after answering a few questions about the make and model, condition, and where you’re located. Peddle will then cut you a check when their carrier comes to pick up your vehicle.

How to Sell Your Car on Peddle?

The car-selling process on Peddle is surprisingly simple, and it starts with telling Peddle about your car. Provide them with as much information as possible— and be honest — to get the most accurate offer.

Step 1: Tell Peddle about your car

Go to and enter the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Be prepared to tell them what kind of trim package, the type of title, and your zop code. From there, you’ll answer a series of questions to give Peddle even more information.

Here are the questions Peddle will ask:

  • Are the wheels mounted and tires inflated?
  • Does it have a key and a working battery?
  • Does it drive?
  • What’s the mileage shown on the odometer?
  • Any removed or loose exterior body panels?
  • Does it have body damage?
  • Any damaged mirrors, glass, or lights?
  • Any damaged or removed interior parts?
  • Any flood or fire damage?

Most of the questions give you multiple choice answers, and like I said, be as honest and accurate as possible. The more accurate information you can give Peddle, the better.

Peddle bases their offer on your answers, and if you misrepresent your vehicle, they may lower the offer when they come to pick it up.

Step 2: Review Peddle’s offer

Based on your answers, Peddle will give you an instant offer, which you can accept or leave it on the table.

Peddle offers are generally much less than you could sell your car for, especially if your car is in good working condition. It’s not a bad idea to compare Peddle’s offer with the Kelly Blue Book value for your car to help you decide whether or not to accept it.

If you decide to accept Peddle’s offer for your vehicle, you’ll need to provide them with the VIN, and then you’ll move on to the next step.

Depending on the offer, Peddle may ask you to upload pictures of your vehicle. This allows them to complete a photo inspection process and verify the condition of your vehicle.

Step 3: Arrange for pick-up

You and Peddle will work together to find a convenient time for them to pick up your vehicle. They will do a visual inspection and look over the title to confirm that the information you gave them is accurate.

Make sure you have your car’s title on hand when they come to pick up your vehicle. Some states may require the title is signed and/or notarized— this information is easy to find through your state’s DMV, or you can contact someone at Peddle to help.

Step 4: Get paid

Peddle pays you when they come to pick up your car, so you’re not waiting around to get a check in the mail. Peddle rarely pays cash for cars — you’re paid via check — because it’s unsafe for their agents to drive around with large amounts of cash.

What Kind of Cars Does Peddle Buy?

Peddle buys cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs in a wide range of conditions. They currently don’t buy motorcycles, scooters, trailers, RVs, campers, boats, or other types of vehicles.

If you’re wondering, “Does Peddle buy junk cars?”

Well, that depends on what you mean by “junk car.” Peddle says they can pick up cars that have broken down on the side of the road in some instances.

For this Peddle review, I went through their questionnaire several times answering in different ways, even answering “yes” to questions about significant damage. Peddle gave me an instant offer every single time. Although, they were very, very low offers. I’m talking under $400.

However, I can’t guarantee that Peddle will give you an offer for your junk car. The service is free, so it’s worth it to see what Peddle will offer you.

If you are interested in selling a car with aftermarket parts or upgrades that may increase the value of your car, Peddle doesn’t ask about aftermarket parts. They also say that, “At this time, aftermarket upgrades would not impact your offer.”

Peddle Fees

Peddle is a completely free service, and that’s one of its benefits. You get a free offer, and there are no fees for listing or picking up your vehicle.

Peddle is able to offer its car buying services for free because their business model involves volume buying and then working with a network of buyers, salvage yards, wholesalers, junkyards, and recyclers.

There are no Peddle fees because they are making money off of many of the cars they purchase.

Peddle charges zero fees

Peddles doesn’t charge sellers fees for offers, having their vehicle picked up, inspections, or payment processing fees.

Selling Your Car on Peddle vs. Selling on Your Own

One of the most obvious alternatives to Peddle is selling your car on your own. Don’t worry, I will cover other alternatives next in my Peddle review!

There are two main differences in selling your car on Peddle or doing it on your own:

  • Convenience: Peddle is extremely convenient. You can get a free offer in a matter of minutes, and they come to you to pick up your car. Compare that to spending time listing your car on various sites, having to meet with potential buyers, and possibly spending weeks trying to sell your vehicle.
  • Money: You will top dollar for your car if you sell it privately. It takes a little more effort and time on your end, but it can be worth it if you want to get the most money out of your vehicle.

Alternatives to

Peddle vs. CarBrain

CarBrain describes itself as the “market for less-than-perfect cars.” They specialize in totaled cards, and the process works the same as Peddle.

You can get an offer on your totalled car from CarBrain car in just a couple of minutes. And, they say it averages 24-48 hours to pick up your vehicle and pay you once you’ve accepted their offer — this is faster than Peddle.

Peddle vs. CarVIO

CarVIO claims that they’ll buy your car regardless of the condition. It takes about 5 minutes to receive an offer from CarVIO, which is good for 5 days after you receive it.

If you’re happy with your offer, you can drop your car off at one of their more than 100 nationwide locations, and they’ll get you a ride home. Or you can have CarVIO pick your car for free.

These companies are really similar, so it’s worth getting a quote from both to see who will give you the most cash for your vehicle.

Peddle vs. Wheelzy

Wheelzy is another company that buys used cars and junk cars. You answer a short questionnaire to tell them about your car, and they’ll give you an instant offer. Wheelzy will pick up your car if you agree to sell it to them, and they’ll pay you on the spot.

Peddle and Wheelzy are so similar, that it’s worth shopping around with all of these companies.

Peddle Car Reviews

To make sure this Peddle review is as unbiased as possible, I want to share some other Peddle junk car reviews I found online. I specifically looked at TrustPilot, and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Below are some of the nearly 90,000 Peddle reviews, including reviews about Peddle customer service, how much people were paid for their cars, the pick-up process, and more:

“This was a great experience. Peddle best any other offer we got by at least 30%. I was very nervous their offer was too good to be true and that once the pick up driver was here there’d be a reduction in the offer. NOPE! They paid what they quoted and were FANTASTIC to work with. Save yourself the aggravation and just call Peddle!”

“Loved working with Peddle! The website interface is easy and straight forward. When I contacted them regarding a citation with the buyer, Peddle was understanding, polite, and effective in getting a response from the buyer. I’ve definitely been telling my friends & family about my satisfying experience.”

“The pick up with the vehicle was a problem. It took 3 different attempts and 2 companies. Peddle puts all the communication with the pick up company on the seller.”

“Proces was fairly simple but offer for my vehicle kept changing to a lesser amount as the process progressed. First offer was $530, when I pressed ‘accept offer’ it changed to $500. When the flatbed driver arrived to pick up my truck, he offered me $250. I told him he had wasted his time coming to pick up my truck. After much haggling I accepted $400 but this was still way below the original offer. If you use this process be prepared to be given less than they offer you. Don’t be surprised.”

The majority of the negative Peddle car reviews come from issues with the tow service that’s picking up your vehicle or disputes about the offer.

Peddle seemed very responsive to negative reviews and complaints and asked unhappy customers to reach out and see if they could help.

Pros and Cons of

Peddle Pros

  • Incredibly convenient: Selling your car to Peddle takes the hassle out of selling a car. You get an offer in minutes, and they even come to pick up your vehicle. It really doesn’t even feel like selling because you’re not trying to convince anyone that your car is the one for them.
  • Very user-friendly website: Compared to Peddle alternatives, Peddle’s user interface is pretty darn seamless. The site feels like the company invested in a positive user experience, and that’s worth something.
  • No obligation offers: You can take or leave what Peddle offers you for your vehicle. You are under no obligation to accept what they offer for your vehicle, even when they come to tow it away.

Peddle Cons

  • Low purchase price: Peddle isn’t paying you top dollar for your vehicle, bottom line. If you want the most money for your vehicle, Peddle isn’t for you. You’re better off selling yourself.
  • Third-party collection: Peddle uses third-party towing services to come and pick your car. Some Peddle reviews cite that these services can be unreliable, delayed, and overall underwhelming.
  • No price guarantee: The instant offer that Peddle quotes you may change at any time between receiving it and the pick-up. This is frustrating, but remember that you’re under no obligation to accept it. Peddle bases its offer on the market, which is constantly fluctuating. Considering that many of these cars are scrapped or recycled, Peddle is likely looking at the fluctuating costs of metal.

Peddle Review – Should You Sell Your Car to

If you want a quick and easy way to sell your car, Peddle is worth considering. Definitely shop around and see what other companies like CarBrain and Wheelzy will offer, but most reviews agree that Peddle pays the highest.

Remember, you can make significantly more for your car if you sell it yourself, especially if it’s in running condition. Used cars are in extremely high demand right now, and you can get good money for a running car. That’s why  I highly recommend checking the Kelly Blue Book value and what other cars like yours are selling for. Then, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to sell on Peddle.

There are many other ways to make quick cash if that’s what you’re after, and you can read about your best options here: How To Make $1,000 Fast.