Do you dream of turning your crafty passions into a profitable business? That’s the dream for many creative people, and there’s nothing better than earning a living doing what you love.

The issue many crafters have is profitability. You need to keep your material and labor costs low if you want to be profitable, which is why not all crafts are equal.

To help you make money on your crafty endeavors, this article covers the most profitable crafts to sell with examples and answers to FAQs.

What are the most profitable crafts by category?

Crafts with low production or materials costs typically have the highest profit margins. That’s why some of the most profitable crafts are:

  • Digital printables
  • Jewelry
  • Bath and beauty products
  • Photography
  • Sewing
  • Candles

What crafts sell best?

Crafts that fall into these categories sell the best: wedding, beauty & health, baby/pregnancy, holiday pets, and home decor. Think about it like this: people will always be getting married, having babies, be concerned about their health, decorating their home, etc. There’s always demand!

30+ most profitable crafts to sell by category

Digital printables

Digital printables are some of the most profitable crafts to create and sell because they’re digital files that you can sell over and over again (they’re not physical products!). You can sell the same digital file almost indefinitely because there are no additional material costs or shipping, and this makes it fairly passive too — bonus!

Below are some of the bestselling printable crafts.

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1. Social media templates

Business owners and influencers who want a cohesive-looking social media presence will often use social media templates. These can be digital files that are sized specifically for platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Here’s an example from Etsy seller HayleyAmeliaCreative:

Templates for Instagram Etsy Printables

While these aren’t technically printable, they’re another type of profitable, digital craft.

2. Wedding printables

Invitations, RSVP cards, bridal shower games, thank you cards, table numbers, menus, and more — there’s a lot of printable potential at weddings!

You’ll need to pay attention to specific wedding styles and be ready to offer your customers customizable options.

3. Planner printables

Planners keep people organized and on track, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. You can create and sell planner pages that schedule meals, budget trackers, health planners specifically designed for busy families, and more.

4. Holiday tags and cards

Honestly, the possibilities are endless for holiday printables. Cards and gift tags are a couple of the most popular ideas.

5. Wall decor

Etsy seller MangoDigitalPrints has the idea here with customizable quote prints. Customers can pick the quote, font, and size.

Custom Quote Print Etsy Printables

Besides quotes, illustrations, photos, prints with names on them, and more– these are all great options for profitable crafts to sell online.

6. Stickers

Stickers are for more than just kids. Teachers use them, parents, people who love planners, crafters, and more. If you can come up with fun little illustrations, you can create digital files that people print up on sticker paper.


Jewelry will probably always be one of the most profitable craft ideas because there are so many different ways to approach jewelry making. Below are some popular and easy ways to make extra money selling jewelry.

7. Repurposed jewelry

Taking old jewelry and turning it into something new is definitely one of the most profitable crafts because it can significantly lower your material costs. For example, you can take portions of beaded necklaces, parts of earrings, take gemstones out of their original settings and put them in something new, and so much more.

Besides lower material costs, repurposed jewelry appeals to consumers who are into vintage pieces or environmentally conscious designs.

Etsy shop, OldLuxNewShine, takes vintage designer buttons and turns them into necklace charms like these:

Vintage Designer Button Etsy

8. Beaded necklaces and bracelets

Beads are one of the easiest jewelry-making supplies to find. Major craft stores, like Micheal’s, have wide selections of beads, and you can usually find a coupon online to lower your costs, making this one of the most profitable crafts to sell.

You can create really simple designs, play with patterns, do mix-and-match, and much more. These are fairly easy crafts to create, but make sure you use materials and techniques that keep your jewelry from falling apart.

9. Hand-stamped metal jewelry

Stamped metal jewelry is hot right now because it has a simple look that’s easy to customize. You can create pendants, charms, cuff bracelets, and so on.

Hand-stamped Jewelry Etsy

You can buy blank metal pieces and jewelry stamps from jewelry supply companies, and there are tons of free online tutorials to get you started.

10. Crystal jewelry

Crystals are having a moment. And there are lots of people who believe that crystals have healing and spiritual uses, which is why crystal jewelry is so popular right now.

You can make everything from chakra necklaces or bracelets, pendants with crystals wrapped in metal, and zodiac jewelry.

11. Wire jewelry

Wire is surprisingly inexpensive, making this one of the most profitable crafts to sell because you can create gorgeous and intricate designs for cheap. I just mentioned wrapping crystals in wire, and you can also combine techniques like beading with wire to create unique designs like these earrings from Etsy seller anthology27.

Wire Jewelry Etsy

12. Woven jewelry

You  can make woven jewelry from leather, cords, cotton thread, yarn, and more. You can add beads, decorative clasps, or even charms. There are many different options, and this is a profitable craft that you can market to men and women.

Because you can add customization options, woven jewelry can make great gifts for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and more.

Woven Jewelry Etsy

13. ID and medical bracelets

ID and medical alert bracelets are important for people with underlying health issues, but the designs are typically pretty boring. You can create unique and fashionable alternatives, like sterling silver watch tags, stamped metal charms that go on leather bracelets, or gold Medical Id bracelets that look like they’ve come from Tiffany’s.

14. Earrings

There are so many different directions you can go — tassel earrings, pompom earrings, earrings with gemstones, beading, clay earrings, and more.

Here are some crazy, cool designs from BonBonBombardier– candy makers who also specialize in clay earrings:

Craft Candies Vegan Sweets

Earrings can be one of the most profitable crafts to sell because they’re smaller, meaning fewer material costs. It could be a good way to use beads from other crafts or small bits of wire. You can also buy backings, fishhooks, and hoops at most craft stores.

Bath and body products

Bath and body products make great gifts, and you can make many of the ideas below from household staples. You’ll get a chance to try things out before making a big investment in materials.

15. Handmade soaps

Learning how to make soap requires a little bit of research, and there are even some potential hazards if you decide to make it with lye. However, soaps are one of the most profitable crafts to sell because they make great gifts for nearly any occasion.

You can play around with different scents, colors, soap molds, and so on. You can create themed soaps to capitalize on different holidays.

Soap Etsy

16. Body scrubs

What’s cool about this bath and body product is that you can create it from household staples like salt, sugar, coffee grounds, cocoa butter, or coconut oil. You can test out recipes and see if you enjoy this craft before investing a lot in materials cost.

Body scrubs can also be packaged in reused jelly jars, mason jars, small tins, and so on. Being able to lower your overall costs makes this considerably more profitable than other crafts.

17. Bath bombs

Bath bombs are a fun and indulgent gift, and they’re especially fun to make. These also use fairly common household items, like cornstarch and baking soda. Some people may even have citric acid already at home.

If you’re already selling crafts like soaps or scrubs, adding bath bombs to your product list just makes sense!

18. Lip balm

The incredibly high margins on lip balms make it another one of the most profitable crafts to sell. The materials are also incredibly accessible — you can find most of them in your pantry or at the local grocery or drug store.

The plastic containers most lip balm comes in run about $0.15 each, and having creative flavors like these, from Etsy seller LickerLips, will make yours stand out:

Lip Balm Etsy

19. Beard balm

With the popularity of beards and mustaches, making beard or mustache wax can be one of the most profitable crafts to sell in 2022. You might want subtler or earthy scents for these products, and they call for ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils.

Home decor

Buying something from Target is so basic (okay, I own a lot of stuff from Target, no shade!), which is why some people are willing to pay good money for handmade items that really make their homes shine.

20. Bed linens

Pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, and blankets— these might not seem like profitable crafts. However, if you think about upcycling or buying inexpensive sets and dyeing or embroidering them, you can create something really special.

Check out these upcycled and shibori-dyed sheets from Etsy seller WoolenRoots.

Bed Linens Etsy

21. Pallet crafts

You might think the pallet craze is over, but some people are still really into the rustic, farmhouse aesthetic created from upcycled pallets. Upcycling pallets to create signs, planters, wall sconces, coffee tables, coat racks, and more can give you significantly lower material costs. By now you know that lower material costs generally equal more profitable crafts!

22. Pillows

Pillows and pillow covers are quite easy to make at home and sell, and you can make them from repurposed fabric, old t-shirts, or with fabric from the store. Offering customizable options like monogramming or screen printing is another fun idea.

23. Candles

Candles are one of the best crafts to make and sell because they’re surprisingly easy to make. Now, there are a lot of candle makers out there, so finding a niche market is your best bet these days.

For example, WickHabit out of Austin, TX has created candles based on popular Texas locations, like Mount Bonnel and Hill Country.

WickHabit Etsy

Holiday decor

Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc. — the holidays are a crafter’s dream.

24. Wreaths

Sarah, from Midnight Wreaths, creates incredibly unique wreaths you can hang on your door for any holiday, and her wreaths range in price from $200-$700. She creates ones with vintage Christmas ornaments, spools of thread, action figures, Beanie Babies, and more.

Galaxy Action Figures Etsy

Creating whimsical wreaths from found materials is a way to keep your costs low. You can also design wreaths using dried flowers, faux greenery, and feathers.

25. Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a big part of the holiday season, and they make great gifts and are used to commemorate different major life events. Personalized ornaments are a big hit right now, so consider making ones that integrate photos into the design, have monogramming, embroidered names, and so on.

Most profitable crafts for the kitchen

Combine your love of cooking and crafting with kitchen-based craft businesses that make money!

26. Charcuterie boards

If you haven’t heard charcuterie boards are hot right now! It seems like everyone and their mom is setting up a charcuterie board. I get it— it’s a fancy way to essentially serve snacks.

You can profit from this craze by making and selling charcuterie boards that are personalized, have funny sayings on them, or use reclaimed wood.

Charcuterie Etsy

27. Dried mixes

Are you known for your BBQ rub? Do you have a great hot cocoa recipe? What about a solid scone mix?

Making dried baking or spice mixes is one of the most profitable crafts because you easily find the materials, they’re simple to put together, and you can sell them for a reasonable mark-up.

You can put them together in mason jars or old jam jars and add decorative labels with a Cricut.

Wearable crafts

Knitters, sewers, crocheters unite! This section is for wearable crafts that make the most money. Some of these crafts require a larger time investment, which can be hard to recoup, but if you love what you’re doing, these ideas still might be worth trying out.

28. Knit and crochet hats and accessories

While you have higher labor costs when you knit or crochet, making smaller projects like hats, cowls, and mittens may still be worth your time. It’s really easy to find personalized tags that give your finished craft a professional look.

You can sell fiber crafts based on current trends or really niche down, like Jenna of CottonsCreations has done with her “Ope” hats.

Knit and Crochet Etsy

29. Tote bags

Everyone needs a tote bag, and there are so many different possibilities for the kinds of bags you can make and sell. You can create simple canvas tote bags that are screen printed, or you can make classy ones with leather and metal findings.

Tote Bags Etsy

There are options for personalized tote bags with monogramming, ones meant for bridal shower gifts, tote bags designed for crafters, and more.

Bestselling crafts for babies and kids

As a brand new parent, I can attest to the amount of money my wife and I have spent on cute and unique things for our son. I’m talking nursery decor, clothes, toys, etc. He could care less, but we sure love it all, and I know we’re not alone.

30. Pacifier clips

Having recently had a baby, I can tell you how valuable pacifier clips are. They can be one of the most profitable crafts to sell too because they’re small projects that are quick to make.

Personalized ones are really popular right now, like the ones below from Etsy seller LullabiesLollipops.

Pacifier Clip Etsy

31. Headbands

Looking for handmade items in demand, baby headbands are where it’s at. Not only are these adorable headbands incredibly popular, but they’re also super-profitable too. That’s because the material costs are minimal, and they only require basic sewing skills.

Baby Headbands Etsy

Tips for staying profitable

Crafting generally means that you’re making something by hand, so you’re investing your time and labor. Because it can be hard to account for all of your costs, here are some tips to help you make the most profit possible

Pay attention to pricing

No matter the craft, you’re going to have costs. These include:

  • Materials
  • Packaging
  • Labor
  • Shipping costs
  • Platform fees

You’ll want to strike a balance between keeping your materials costs low while maintaining a certain level of quality. Some crafts require a lot of hands-on time, which needs to factor into the cost, but you also don’t want to scare potential customers away.

Unfortunately, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Just make sure you’re accounting for as many costs as possible, while also earning a profit.

Sell on more than one platform

Etsy has become one of the most popular platforms for selling, but Etsy has surprisingly high fees. You also can’t customize your shop. While it’s still worth setting up an Etsy shop, you should also sell through social media, your own website, craft fairs, local businesses, and so on.

Get on social media

Social media is an incredibly effective marketing tool, and you can use it to drive traffic and sales. You don’t have to use every platform in the beginning — start with one, master it, and move on to another.

Sharing videos of your process and hosting giveaways are a couple of ways you can leverage social media to promote your crafts.

Always offer excellent customer service

Being responsive and kind is one of the best things you can do for your business. You should quickly respond to questions and customer concerns and empathize with customers. This is an inexpensive way to increase your profits.

The final word on the most profitable crafts to sell

There are so many different crafts you can sell to make extra money, the key is finding ones that are profitable. Jewelry, bath & body, and printables are some of the most profitable craft ideas.

These are categories where you can keep your costs low and have a high-profit margin. Selling digital printables can even turn into a somewhat passive income stream, which is the kind of thing I’m here for.


Where can I sell my crafts for free?

You can sell your crafts for free on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It may take a while to build a following, but you won’t have to invest in upfront costs like web hosting or have selling fees as you’ll find on Etsy.

Is a craft business profitable?

Yes! There are so many different profitable craft businesses. Some crafters find it difficult to account for all of their labor costs and recoup them, but keeping your materials costs low can help keep your margins high.

What crafts are in high demand?

Jewelry making, printables, sewing, art, and candles are all some of the most in-demand and profitable craft ideas right now.

Which handmade items sell best?

Clothing is one of the most popular categories for handmade items. The same goes for jewelry, artwork, scarves and hats, and baby items.