Are you thinking about making some lifestyle changes, or do you already like working out at the gym? Have you ever wondered how much money you could be making while getting fit and healthy? These cash-in fitness apps and other strategies will allow you to get paid to workout, set goals, and make healthy choices.

If learning how to get paid to work out sounds appealing, there are actually a lot of apps that allow you to get cash back or earn rewards that can be redeemed for your workouts and activity. How you get paid is dependent on the app or method!

My Top Pick for Getting Paid to Workout

1. Healthy Wage — Top Pick!

Healthy Wage is an app that pays you to work out. The Healthy Wage app may be for you if you like cash and competition! There are a few options for earning. Users can bet on their own weight loss and participate in challenges with teams to win prizes up to $10,000. 


  • Multiple challenges to choose from
  • You decide the money you bet
  • Can compete individually or as a team
  • Earn actual cash, not rewards
  • Great motivator


  • Always some risk when betting
  • Short-term incentive means that the potential for earning is limited to reaching your goal weight, whereas step-count apps provide long-term incentives.

Other Best Apps to Get Paid to Workout

Wondering which cash-in fitness apps to get started with? Here is some information on the best apps and methods of earning money while getting fit and healthy!

2. Evidation

Evidation (previously the Achievement app) is definitely one of the best apps out there that will get you earning. With this app, you can get paid to work out and get healthy!

Here’s how it works: download the app on your phone, track your movement, get moving, and earn points. You’ll earn points by exercising, sharing your results, and posting photos of your meals. Ten thousand points will earn you $10 from PayPal. Get real cash that you can redeem!

3. Sweatcoin

With the Sweatcoin app, get moving and get paid fast. Here’s how it works: download the free app on your phone, get your steps in, and earn Sweatcoins. The more you sweat, the more coins you get! These coins can be sussed to purchase products and services from Sweatcoin partners

4. Diet Bet

Diet Bet is a cash-in fitness app that can get you winning big money. Lose weight, get paid! How does it work? Users weigh in and have four weeks to lose 4% of their body weight. If you succeed, you and the other winners will split the winnings. 


Want to hit two birds with one stone?

Check out InboxDollars to earn cash for things like searching the web, playing games, completing surveys, or watching videos.

5. Higi

Higi is an app that can help you track your health for free! Higi stations are located at various stations (see Higi’s website for more information), where you can check-in and update your stats. You can even compete in challenges against other members and share your progress. Doing this will earn you points that you can use to redeem prizes and even discounts.

6. Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an app that logs your activity and allows you to make an impact by doing so! For each mile you move, you earn money for a charity of your choice. Friends and family can sponsor you to help you earn more. If philanthropy is your thing, Charity Miles is the way to go.

7. MapMyFitness

While MapMyFitness doesn’t exactly pay you, per se, you do have the opportunity to compete for monthly prizes. You can also compete for the grand prize at the end of each year. MapMyFitness tracks your workouts at the gym and keeps tabs on your stats throughout your workout.

8. PK Rewards

Another app that rewards you for working out is PK Rewards. Download the app to measure your activity and effort. When you work out, your effort is converted to coins that can be traded in to earn products from popular brands like Nike and Amazon.

9. Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse rewards users for being active. The more steps or workouts you complete, the more points you earn. Points can be redeemed for rewards. Check out their page for a more comprehensive list of rewards!

10. AARP Rewards for Good

This app is not only fitness-focused but can participate in knowledge-based challenges too! Each activity you complete will earn you points that can be redeemed for prizes, discounts, gift cards, donations to charity, and potential drawing entries. You must be at least 18 years or older, and participation is free.

11. Skillshare

If you have fitness-related expertise that you are looking to share, Skillshare is the app for you. Turn your skill into consistent money by creating your own course, whether beginners yoga to, cycling, or guided meditation. Boost your income while you help others boost their health.


Want to sell an awesome fitness class you put together?

Make money on the Skillshare app, a global online learning community with more than 4 million members and 35,000 classes.

12. StepBet

One of the more fun apps that pay you to work out is StepBet. StepBet launches games each week to set goals and compete against other players. Get your steps in and reach your goals to earn your bet back and more!

13. FitPotato

Don’t be a couch potato. Participate in FitPotato! Fitpotato is similar to StepBet in that you put money down to participate in a weekly challenge. If you complete the fitness challenge, you’ll be a winner and walk away with some cash split amongst yourself and other winners of the week’s challenge.

14. Runkeeper

get paid to workout. While not exactly a betting-based app, Runkeeper, in conjunction with Gym Pact, allows you to set fitness-based goals and earn money when achieving those goals. However, if you don’t follow through, you will end up losing money, so make sure to follow through on your goals and get paid to workout!

15. Life Coin

If you’ve heard of crypto-currency, Life Coin applies a similar concept to exercise. The more steps you take, the more Life coin you mine. Life coins can be traded in for various rewards such as gift cards and other featured products.

16. Boltt Play

Like Life Coin, Boltt Play pays you in coins when you exercise. For every 10,00 steps you take, you earn 0.5 Boltt Coins. You can exchange these coins in the App’s shop from multiple online vendors when you’re ready.

17. Runtopia

Like Life Coin, Runtopia gives you coins, Sports Coins to be exact when you complete challenges and reach goals. These coins can be redeemed for cash. 599 coins are equal to $10 transferred to you through PayPal or other prizes.

18. EarthMiles

EarthMiles is an app that rewards users for getting healthy. Users receive Earthmiles for their activity (walking, running, and biking). These Earthmiles can be cashed in for prizes from featured companies. These range anywhere from discounts on products or services.

19. Fitforbucks

FitforBucks is an activity tracking app that tracks your movement earning you rewards. While this app does not earn you actual cash, it boasts diverse and changing rewards. These rewards range anywhere from massage packages to free coffee or dance lessons.

20. Winwalk

Winwalk is an Android paid workout app. Winwalk pays you for the steps you take. For every 100 steps, you’ll earn a coin, and one coin is equivalent to 1/10 of a penny. These coins can be redeemed for various gift cards to popular in-store and online retailers. The Winwalk app can also track the calories you burn while exercising.

21. Yodo

Among the many apps that pay you to work out, Yodo is one of the best. Yoda allows actual cash withdrawals. Yoda monitors your steps and provides users with cash rewards when they complete challenges and reach their goals. However, Yodo does require a subscription of $0.99 per month.

Non-Traditional Ways to Get Paid to Exercise

Do you love exercising but are not satisfied with the apps available? Do apps seem tedious and inconvenient? Nowadays, there are many nontraditional ways to get paid to exercise that don’t require any apps at all.

22. Lead an Exercise Class or Become a Personal Trainer

If you have a knack for leading group exercises, getting paid to get healthy does not get much more hands-on. You can get paid as a trainer at your local gym or start a personal training business from the comfort of your own home.

Although you will most likely need to get certified for this, it is completely worth it if you have a passion for fitness. Not only are you getting paid to get healthy, but you’re also helping others get healthy!

23. Choose an Active Career

Want to get paid while staying fit? Kill two birds with one stone and choose a career that keeps you moving. This list may be more extensive than you think. While professional athletes and personal trainers probably come to mind, it also includes nurses, construction workers, Postal Workers, Military Service Members, and more. Each job requires the stamina to be on your feet for long periods of time.

DoorDash logo

Do you like going for walks? Why not get paid for it!

Deliver food by foot for local restaurants across the US.

23. Deliver For a Food Service by Biking

Food delivery services are doing more business now than ever. If you want to earn some cash while exercising, make local deliveries for food services on your bike. It’s a win-win!

Final Thoughts

Want to get paid to work out? There is an app for that! Whether you utilize a get paid to workout app or want to take a different approach, you can get paid to get healthy today! It’s totally possible. Just get creative, get active, and most importantly: get paid!