Are you wondering how to get paid to review products? Maybe you’ve heard amazing stories from friends or family who get free products, sometimes even full-size products, to test them. Not only do they get the products, but they get paid too for their review.

So, how do you jump on that bandwagon?

It starts with signing up with legit product reviewing companies. Like anything online, there are plenty of scams out there. I’ve tested each of the sites I recommend below myself, so I know they’re legit. Of course, do your research, too, before choosing the platforms you use.

How Does Product Reviewing Work?

It’s easy to get signed up as a product tester. You need legit platforms offering product review opportunities. I provide a great list below.

You must sign up with each platform you want to test products for, but it’s easy. You’ll provide basic information like your name, address, email address, gender, age, and other information that helps them see if you fit their demographic needs.

When a product needs reviewing, they’ll send out a screener. The faster you complete it, the better because studies fill up quickly. The screener is like a test. It’s how the market research companies further refine who they need for the study.

At the end of the screener, they’ll let you know if you qualify. If you do, they’ll ask for the address to send the product. They’ll also provide instructions on how to use and review the product.

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How Do You Get Paid to Review Products?

Sometimes you’ll earn cold, hard cash. Great. Other times, it’s gift cards or points that you convert to gift cards. Most of the time, you get a free product too — which is almost like cash. You didn’t spend any money yourself to try the product, so that’s a win right there.

Always remember, you should NEVER pay to review products. Legit sites are always free. If something seems off, don’t do it.

Will you make a full-time wage doing it?


Will you make part-time wages doing it?

It depends on what you consider part-time. I think it’s more of a side income you can use to supplement your fun money or have a little extra money to throw toward your investments each month. Plus, it’s fun.

How Much Will You Get Paid to Review Products?

Ah, it’s the question everyone wants answered. “How much will you get paid to review products?”

I don’t have a cut-and-dry answer. It depends.

Some companies pay nothing. You get a free product, and they consider it your compensation. It’s not a bad deal.

Others pay big money, as much as $200 to $500, for a review. Are those payments easy to come by? Not typically, but if you apply consistently and build up a reputation in the industry, there is a higher chance of getting paid well to review products.


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Get Paid to Review Products With These 18 Companies

1. Consumer Product Testing

Consumer Product Testing offers in-person product review opportunities. If you live near Fairfield, NJ, and are willing to go to the CPT lab, you can test new health and beauty care items. After providing your review, you’ll get paid for your time.


  • You try products before they come out
  • CPT pays well


  • You must live in NJ
  • You’ll spend time commuting


Companies selling digital products need honest reviews about how the product works, its user-friendliness, and other aspects of the product and use to get reviews. It’s easy to sign up, and if you pass the practice test, you’ll be on your way to reviewing digital products.

The tests are quick — usually no longer than 20 minutes. You’ll earn between $4 to $10, depending on the test length. Some people also provide their reviews in a live interview, which takes longer but pays $30 to $120.


  • It can be fun to test out digital products
  • The pay is great for live interviews


  • You must be digitally savvy to review digital products
  • The pay for online reviews is low

3. i-Say

i-Say by Ipsos is one of the oldest product review platforms out there. Known as a survey company, they also offer many opportunities to test and review products. Most members get to keep the product and get paid for their honest reviews. Keep your profile updated and as detailed as possible for the most opportunities.


  • It’s one of the oldest and most established review sites
  • You can take surveys too


  • Opportunities go fast
  • They aren’t transparent with how much they pay

4. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a big market research firm. They pay consumers to answer surveys, test, and review products. They even offer mystery shopping opportunities too. Vindale Research pays in cash between $1 and $50 per product review. They don’t pay in points, but you have to reach a minimum threshold before cashing out.


  • Vindale is a large, established company
  • There are other opportunities to make money there too.


  • Some product reviews don’t pay much
  • You need a minimum threshold before you can get your cash.

5. Testing Time

TestingTime pays users to review products of all types, including physical products, toys, gadgets, and food. They rely heavily on your profile and the details you provide, so be as honest as possible in your answers.

TestingTime pays you cash for your product review, which you usually receive within 7 to 14 days.


  • You can try a wide number of products
  • You get paid within a week


  • You must provide a lot of information to get chosen
  • They aren’t transparent in how much they pay

6. Product Report Card

Product Report Card pays very well for product reviews. Users get paid $100 or more to review products. To get chosen, fill out your profile as much as possible as the selection is highly competitive since they pay so well.

You must earn $25 with Product Report Card before you can cash out, but it’s not hard to do since they pay so well. You can get your rewards via PayPal or gift cards.


  • Pays very well for product reviews
  • You can get paid in PayPal or gift cards


  • It’s very competitive because of the high pay
  • You can’t cash out until you have $25 accumulated.

7. Johnson & Johnson

If you know and love Johnson & Johnson products, you can get paid to review products from J&J and their family brands, including Aveeno, Neutrogena, and Clean & Clear. They don’t pay a ton, but you get to keep the product and earn a little cash.

To review Johnson & Johnson products, you must be 18-years old. If you have children, J&J may ask if you want to include them in a study from time to time.


  • It’s fun to review products for brands you know
  • You get early access to the hottest products


  • The pay is usually pretty low
  • There aren’t a lot of opportunities

8. McCormick Panel

If you love cooking and Amazon, then join the McCormick Panel. You’ll get paid to review McCormick products. For your time and review, they pay in Amazon gift cards. It’s a win-win. You and your family try new foods, and you get paid to provide your thoughts.


  • You get to review fun food products
  • McCormick pays in Amazon gift cards


  • You don’t earn cash
  • You have to like to cook to review the products

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Earn Free Product for Product Reviews With These Companies

9. Instyle Trendsetter

If your friends and family always come to you for beauty product reviews, become an Instyle Trendsetter product reviewer and have access to the newest beauty products. You don’t earn cash, but you get to use and keep the products they send, which is like cash in your pocket if you love beauty products and buy them often.


  • You get to try the latest beauty products
  • Your opinion can help shape products that aren’t up to par


  • There’s no cash payment
  • You must like beauty products

10. NetGalley

Avid readers can get paid with free books review books with NetGalley. You sign up for the platform and receive advance copies of books before they hit the shelves if you’re chosen. You read the book and provide your review for others to read. While you don’t earn cash, you do get free books, which is like cash in your pocket since you don’t have to pay for them.


  • Book lovers get early access to the newest releases
  • You can share your honest review about new books


  • You have to wait for new books to be released
  • There’s no cash payment

11. Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box sends members boxes of products, including full-size products, to get reviews. They want honest opinions about what consumers think about the products. Daily Goodie Box sends products from over 300 brands we all know and love. While you don’t get paid, you do get a big box of goodies to keep.


  • You get a box of goodies from a variety of brands
  • You may know most of the brands


  • It’s highly competitive because of the number of products you get
  • You must review every product

12. Homeschool is a tremendous resource in the homeschooling world. Parents use the worksheets, lesson plans, workbooks, and books in their curriculum. doesn’t make its new products available to anyone until their panel tests and reviews the products.

Like NetGalley, you don’t get paid to review products from, but you can keep the free resources provided to you.


  • You can help shape the future of homeschooled children
  • You get free access to the latest products


  • If the product isn’t good, you won’t use it on your children
  • You don’t get paid

13. Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA pays users very well, but not in cash. Instead, you earn high-value products by reviewing them. Members have reviewed iPads, Fitbits, and diaper subscriptions before.

While they require a lengthy review (500 words) plus a one-minute video, it’s a great deal when you’re getting paid in products worth several hundred dollars.


  • You may earn high-value products
  • You’ll learn about new products first


  • The review is long
  • You have to upload a video review too

14. Philips Product Tester

If you’re a frequent Philips product user, get paid to review products from Philips. Again, you won’t earn cash, but you will get use of the newest product releases. Sometimes you get to keep the product, which is a great bonus. If you don’t, Philips usually offers a reduced price to purchase them.


  • You can review products from a familiar brand
  • You’ll have early access to the newest products


  • You don’t get paid
  • Sometimes you have to pay for the product (reduced price)

15. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a popular product review site. Millions of people consult BzzAgent for product reviews, and you can provide them. They don’t pay you for your review, but you get to keep the products, which sometimes can be valuable. Plus, you get bragging rights for trying the product before everyone else.


  • BzzAgent is a popular, well-established site
  • You can review top brand name products


  • You don’t get paid
  • It can get competitive

16. TryProducts

TryProducts offers products to review from smaller companies — companies you may not have heard of before. Joining TryProducts is a great way to support small businesses by trying their products, providing your review, and then spreading the word to others. You get to keep the products you try, too.


  • You have access to products you may not know about
  • You help small business


  • You don’t get paid
  • You may not have heard of the businesses before

17. SheSpeaks

SheSpeaks pays product reviewers in a couple of ways. First, you get to keep the product you review. Second, they enter you into giveaways and sweepstakes, giving you the chance to get paid to review products.


  • You may win a sweepstakes or giveaway
  • You get to keep the product


  • You don’t get paid
  • They don’t say what products you review

18. Amazon Vine

Amazon has a little-known program called Amazon Vine. It’s not well known because it’s by invite only. If you leave a lot of valuable reviews on Amazon, you may be invited. If chosen, you’ll receive free products from various Amazon sellers in exchange for your product review.


  • You earn free products on Amazon
  • You help small businesses get noticed


  • You don’t get paid
  • Some of the products may not be useful to you

Final Thoughts on How to Get Paid to Review Products

It won’t make you rich, but to get paid to review products can be fun. It can also be a nice side hustle. This is a great option if you’re trying to diversify your income streams and bring in extra pocket money from different avenues.

You’ll get paid to try new products and often keep them. Your payment may be cash, gift cards, or the product itself. No matter what you receive, it’s a fun way to spend time helping companies and earning a little something for yourself.