Have you ever heard the saying, “The riches are in the niches”? It means that the most lucrative jobs are in the smallest markets, and for freelance writers, but for freelance writers, it’s not as simple as landing on a niche and making big bucks. 

The most successful freelance writers grow their niche over time and continue to hone their craft as they follow the market. To help you get started, we’re going to explain what niches are, how they affect beginners, and the most lucrative freelance writing niches for 2024.

What are Writing Niches?

A freelance writing niche is the topic you specialize in when it comes to the content you write about. Some writers niche down a lot on the topics they write about, while others choose broad niches. An example of a broad niche would be food, while an even more focused niche would be vegan cooking.

However, the topic you write about isn’t the only kind of writing niche; it can also refer to the type of writing you do. Blog writing, screenwriting, copywriting, direct-response writing, and journalism — these are all different niches that require their own skillset, and many freelance writers specialize that way.

We mentioned that some writers niche down, but it could also refer to a specialization of a topic and writing style. 

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Should Beginner Freelance Writers Have a Niche?

There are true benefits to finding a writing niche, which we’ll discuss in a moment, but when you are a brand new freelance writer, being married to a writing niche can limit your ability to find your first clients. Let’s explore this a little more!

Why you should have a freelance writing niche:

  • You position yourself as an expert. When you specialize in a niche, over time, you gain authority in that specific area. This means you can command higher rates and become a sought after writer. As you can imagine, this takes time, but it’s one of the reasons many seasoned writers focus on a specific area or style of writing.
  • It’s easier to market yourself. Niches can help you find your client base and market your services. If you know what your ideal client is looking for, then you can build service packages based on the needs of their industry. It also helps you network with potential clients.
  • You can leverage your experience and interests. This is truly one of the most fun aspects of finding a niche because who doesn’t want to write about something they love. FInding a writing niche based on your interests means you’ll have a level of experience crucial to building a career.

The problem in the beginning is that if you niche down too much, you limit your ability to find potential clients. It’s often helpful to situate yourself as a generalist (someone who writes in many different niches rather than specializing in something specific) when you’re first starting out.

7 Best Freelance Writing Niches of 2024

Now that you understand what niches are and why you would or wouldn’t focus on one in the beginning of your career, here are some of the most profitable writing niches for freelancers.

1. SEO Content Writing

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s strategy to improve the ranking of content in web searches. For the website owner, improved ranking means more traffic, more clicks, and ultimately, more revenue. Good SEO has changed a lot in recent years, and freelance writers who are interested in SEO writing must understand:

  • Keyword research and planning
  • How to avoid keyword stuffing 
  • User intent
  • Writing in clear, actionable ways
  • Formatting content so it’s user friendly

Because a good SEO writer can dramatically increase the traffic and revenue for a site owner, this can be a really profitable niche. Some websites pay writers a flat rate for each article, some pay increases depending on how much traffic their articles drive, while others pay writers on retainer. 

Pay definitely varies based on your skill, experience, and clients, but it’s not uncommon to make in the range of $100 to $300 per article, even more for the most skilled writers.

Many freelance writers niche down and offer SEO content writing on specific topics, such as personal finance, online business, health, fitness, food, parenting, travel, and so on.

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2. Finance

This is an incredibly broad niche, including everything from investing, budgeting, cryptocurrency, student loans, credit cards, banking, and more. Freelance writers in the finance space should be able to write clearly and concisely, and the highest paid ones have spent years gaining authority in the niche. It’s not necessary to have a background or degree in finance necessarily, and many successful freelance writers in this niche got started writing for personal finance blogs (like this one!).

The type of content you’ll be writing can include:

  • Financial analysis
  • Reviews
  • Comparisons
  • How-to guides
  • Reports
  • Financial reporting

According to ZipRecruiter, financial writers make $81,000/year on average.

3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service (SaaS) is an incredibly lucrative niche for freelance writers, and it involves writing about software used by both businesses and individual users, like Slack, Asana, DropBox, Microsoft, etc.

This is a freelance writing niche that’s more technical that others, and the highest-paid writers are excellent at:

  • Explaining exactly how the software works
  • Demonstrate how the software works via case studies
  • Write clear comparisons with it and similar software

The goal of this niche is to make it easy for a reader to take action, and skills SaaS writers earn $65,000/year on average.

4. Online Education

The online education industry has been growing steadily, and according to Statista, revenue in this industry is expected to grow nearly 10% annually through at least 2027. That means it’s a great niche for freelance writers because there’s plenty of room for growth.

Writing about online education includes writing about:

  • Educational manuals
  • Curriculum
  • News topics
  • Student loans
  • Online learning platforms

The biggest markets for education writers are with student loan lenders and universities.

5. Real Estate

The real estate industry has realized the need for online marketing, and agents are now willing to hire freelancers to write compelling and attention-grabbing content, also real estate related documents.

This includes content like buying guides, blog posts, mortgage tips, legal documents, eviction notices, lease renewal terms, press releases, newsletters, social media posts, and more.

6. Travel

People love to travel, and even if they aren’t able to, they love reading about it, making this a great freelance writing niche. You must be an excellent storyteller, and you can write for companies who sell travel products, lifestyle brands, and bloggers. 

The kind of writing includes content like:

  • Travel guides
  • Travel deals
  • Credit card hacking
  • Hotel reviews
  • Lifestyle
  • Remote work
  • Digital nomad

7. Digital Marketing

In 2024, most companies have realized the power of digital marketing, and this broad niche includes Affiliate marketing, email marketing, sales funnels, social media, push notifications, ecommerce, and SEO.

You’ll need to have a solid understanding of copywriting, which is more persuasive and focuses on selling. You can write for digital marketing companies and services, but there’s also a large market of bloggers and website owners who want to talk about this. Most companies want long-form content, how-to guides, and product reviews

The Final Word on Freelance Writing Niches

Freelance writing niches offer a world of possibilities for writers seeking to make their mark in the digital realm. By aligning your skills with the right niche, you can create a fulfilling and financially rewarding freelance writing career. Embrace the journey, hone your craft, and watch your words transform into valuable content that captivates and informs your audience


How do I choose the right freelance writing niche?

Consider your interests, expertise, and market demand when choosing a niche. Finding a balance between passion and profitability is key.

Can I write for multiple niches simultaneously?

While possible, focusing on one niche at a time can help you build authority and establish yourself as an expert.

What if I’m new to a niche with little expertise?

Start by conducting thorough research and learning about the niche. As you gain knowledge and experience, your confidence will grow.

How can I attract clients within my chosen niche?

Showcase your expertise through your portfolio, blog posts, and social media. Engage with potential clients and offer valuable insights.

What’s the importance of SEO in niche writing?

SEO enhances your content’s visibility, making it easier for your target audience to find your articles. Incorporate relevant keywords for better reach.