New Step-By-Step Program Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Land Your First Proofreading Client ASAP And Get Paid To Proofread Within 21 Days

Work From Home On Your Own Time.
Gain More Control Over How Much Money You Make.
Spend More Time With Family And Friends.
Even If You Have NO Experience...
NO College Degree.
Have NEVER Done Anything Like This Before.

Here's Everything You'll Get INSTANT ACCESS To As A Member Of Proofreading Launchpad:

Module 1: So, You Want To Be A Proofreader

6 Videos

Discover how to get the most out of Proofreading Launchpad.

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Module 2: Grammar

14 Videos

Get a refresher on common grammar errors and how to fix them.

Module 3: Spelling

6 Videos

Learn how to spot spelling mistakes and confidently correct them.

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Module 4: Punctuation

10 Videos

Find out how to get the punctuation right, every time.

Module 5: Methods, Marks, & Tools

4 Videos

Get the lowdown on the tools and strategies required to correct client errors.

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Module 6: Proofreading In Practice

5 Videos

Find out what being a proofreader actually looks like in real life.

Module 7: Client Acquisition

12 Videos

Discover Ariel's proven client-getting strategies, and find out what works best for you.

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Module 8: Building Your Proofreading Business

12 Videos

Get crystal clear on contracts, expenses, and how to get paid for your work.

Module 9: Getting Into The Freelance Flow

5 Videos

How to set up your workspace and keep clients happy.

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Module 10: Putting It All Together

2 Videos

How to get your mindset right, so you can get out there and land some clients!

PLUS, You'll Also Get All These Time-Saving, Income-Boosting FREE BONUSES:

LIFETIME ACCESS To The Proofreading Launchpad Course: Go through the program at your own pace and never lose access.

The Proofreader's Toolkit: A complete list of tools to help you get work done more efficiently and effectively.

"Launch That Blog" Service: A free website creation service available after purchasing Bluehost to start your website.

The Proofreader's Tax Blueprint: A guide created specifically for proofreaders to help you confidently navigate your taxes.

6 Months FREE ACCESS To The Proofreading Launchpad Membership Community: Post your questions, share wins, and get personalized feedback from Ariel, another community member, or someone on the M$M Team.

The Confident Proofreading Cheatsheet: A comprehensive list of common proofreading errors that you'll be able to use for every proofreading project you work on.

Invoice Template: Just copy-and-paste this template to use for your invoices and start getting paid ASAP.

Proofreading Launchpad Course Guidebook: A 100+ page guide to everything you need to know about becoming a paid proofreader.

Here's What Students Are Saying About Proofreading Launchpad:

Jodi Landed Her First Client Just 25 Days After Joining Proofreading Launchpad

Proofreading Launchpad Is A Self-Paced Online Course That Helps You Land Your First Proofreading Client ASAP…

So you can repeat the process as many times as you want — and land as many clients as you want.
You'll have the option to launch a small proofreading side hustle that brings in an extra $500, $1,000, or even up to $2,000 per month…

Or build a larger proofreading business that replaces your full-time income and brings in up to $4,000 every month…

All while letting you work from home on your own time.

So you can have more control over how you spend your days…

More freedom to earn the income you want and deserve…
And more free time to spend with family and friends.

Proofreading Launchpad helps you do this without ANY of the painful, confusing, and sometimes embarrassing trial-and-error that self-taught proofreaders go through.

30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I'm incredibly confident in the material in this course.I believe that if you put in the effort and follow all the lessons in the program, then it's HIGHLY likely that you'll succeed at this.But if the program legitimately doesn't work for you — you're protected by our 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

What Makes Proofreading Launchpad Different?

Proofreading Launchpad is built around The Freelancer Lift-Off System — which is intended to help you land your first client within the next 21 days.

We help you become a proficient proofreader within 7 days, so you can get out there and actually start getting paid as quickly as possible.

That means you WON'T end up like most hopeful proofreaders out there — spinning your wheels and promising yourself that you'll go out there and get a client "one day…"

Only to never actually do it and end up wasting months you'll never get back.

Instead — if you join Proofreading Launchpad before enrollment closes, and go through the course as intended…

You'll be a proficient proofreader by next week…

You'll have all the information you need to go out there and land your first client in just 21 days…

And you might even pull in your first $500 by next month.

Imagine how great it would feel to be a money-making proofreader by this time next month.

… being able to proofread from home on your own time… WHILE getting paid up to $40 an hour.

If that's something you want…

Join Proofreading Launchpad before enrollment closes.

Will Proofreading Launchpad Work For Me?

How hard are you willing to work?

You're smart enough to know that anyone who tells you that earning money online is as easy as snapping your fingers is lying.

Even with the proven client-getting strategies you'll find in Proofreading Launchpad — there are no 100% guarantees in life.

You can't guarantee that you'll wake up tomorrow or that your boss won't fire you next week.

Unfortunately, that's just a hard fact of life.

So I can't guarantee that Proofreading Launchpad will work for you. And honestly… if I DID give you a 1,000% guarantee that the program would absolutely work for you and help you build a $500+ per month proofreading side hustle…

Would you believe me?

I don't think so.

It would sound too good to be true.

So the truth is that I can't guarantee Proofreading Launchpad will work for you.

And if you're the type of person who needs a guarantee that it would work… honestly, this program isn't for you.

I'm sorry…

But Proofreading Launchpad is only for the people who recognize that getting what you want in life takes hard work.

That nothing is ever guaranteed.

And that anything worth having is worth fighting for.

So if you're the type of person who is willing to work and doesn't expect success to be handed to you on a silver platter…

Here's what I CAN guarantee:

Our team has put a LOT of work into giving you the absolute best possible chance of success in Proofreading Launchpad.

We've focused the program specifically on something we call "The Freelancer Lift-Off System…"

Which is designed to help you become a proficient proofreader within the next 7 days and land your first client and start getting paid within the next 21 days.

We've designed the program to take you from "I'm interested in trying this out" to "I just landed my first proofreading client!" … as quickly as possible.

So while there are no guarantees…

We've built Proofreading Launchpad to boost your odds of succeeding at this and running a proofreading business you love as high as possible.

Are There Enough Clients Out There For Everyone Who's Joining This Course Right Now?

And here's why I say that: From my experience — the answer to this question is a resounding "yes." 

And here's why I say that:

I used to run a Facebook ads agency…

My business partner, Mike, runs an agency right now…

And I've talked to thousands of freelance business owners over the years…

I have NEVER — I mean literally NEVER — heard anyone say:

"All the clients are taken. There's no one out there for me to work with."

There are over 30 million businesses in the United States. Most of them need proofreading services in one way, shape, or form.

And many of them don't need those services just once… they need them on an ongoing basis.

Here's the way I think of it:

Ariel, your instructor in Proofreading Launchpad, only had one single client when she was earning $500-$700 per month as a proofreader.

So even if you wanted to earn $2,000+ per month proofreading…

You could do that with 4 clients.

With 30 million businesses out there, I think it's VERY reasonable that everyone who joins Proofreading Launchpad would be able to find 4 clients for themselves.


More proofreading jobs are being posted every single day… as you're reading this right now.

So there are MORE than enough clients out there right now, but as more people get into proofreading…

And as more and more jobs become automated by technology…

That might not always be the case.

So if you want to make sure you "lock in" some clients ASAP…

Join Proofreading Launchpad now.

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