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How, you ask?

Shut the fuck up about moonmen! God? God's turning people into insect monsters Beth. I'm the one beating them to death. Thank me.

Don't Morty me! I tricked Rick into taking Dad on an adventure because I thought I could get a break from this kind of shit! But no! Like father, like goddamn daughter! You wanna be like Rick?! Congratulations! You're just as arrogant and just as irresponsible! My name is Slip- Slippery Stair. I'll take ya down there for 25 shmeckels!

The best thing about the opt-in...

It's super easy to do, brah! Life is effort and I'll stop when I die! Why don't you ask the smartest people in the universe, Jerry? Oh yeah you can't. They blew up.

  • I went to college at a public school in Texas and got a degree in Music Education
  • I came out of school with $40,000 of student loan debt
  • I went to crazy/embarrassing lengths to pay off my debt in 18 months
  • I became really passionate about personal finance
  • I started M$M to teach my high school students about money
  • I quit my teaching job after I made $3 in display ads from the site
  • I have millions of readers per year and own multiple online businesses that I run from my computer
  • I’ve been featured on Forbes, Reuters, Business Insider, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, and many more cool money sites

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