Tips for Valentine's Day From a Cheap Dude

Tips for Valentine’s Day From a Cheap Dude


You’re probably thinking: “Crap. The stupid animal part of my brain made me click on that awesome heart picture. Now I’m going to get the same, tired Valentine’s Day $$$ lecture that I always get”.

Not today reader.

I’m one of the weird personal finance bloggers that actually likes Valentine’s Day. I know it’s a made up holiday. I know that the prices for roses this coming Sunday will be marked up 100% or more. I know that dinner menus will be shortened, tables will be squished together, and basically everything will cost more than it should.

I understand all the noise out there about Valentine’s, but I still like it. I also have an epic money saving strategy! Here’s why I don’t get price gouged on V-Day:

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day.

My wife and I go out to eat the day before. This year we are doing a pretty low-key (but awesome) Italian food place. I’ll eat too much, feel kinda bad about it, and love it. 🙂

That’s my earth shattering advice. Don’t worry, I’ll have more tips later in the post.

There are a couple of reason’s why I think that Valentine’s is actually important:

  • I have a horrific memory. I wouldn’t even call it a real memory. I can only accurately describe it as mild flashbacks to crap I can’t remember anymore. V-Day is a pretty blatant reminder that I NEED TO DO SOMETHING COOL SOON because my wife is way out of my league. It’s strategic for me to like the 14th.
  • I really like doing nice things for my wife. I bought her pearls last week just because. She was totally cool with me leaving my teaching job to write about stuff on a computer, so I will spoil her basically whenever I can.
  • It’s fun. We all get wrapped up in the day to day tasks of working and trying to make lots of money. It’s nice to take some time (mandated by Hallmark or not) to just hang out.
  • I really like my wife (I don’t know if she will read this, but writing that is a safe thing to do in all situations).

So what are some tips for Valentine’s Day that will actually save you dinero?

  1. Don’t buy flowers the day of. Buy them early when they are cheaper and hide them in a closet. I know think this will not kill the flowers.
  2. Go for the cheaper wine at dinner. If you are reading this, you don’t actually know the difference between top-shelf and second from the bottom shelf wine. Let’s be honest with ourselves. It all tastes like expired boozy grape juice.
  3. Eat more bread at dinner so you can say, “Oh God I am sooooo stuffed,” when they ask about desert.
  4. Pretend that you literally can’t taste the difference between Hershey’s and Godiva.
  5. Stay at home and watch a RedBox movie. Actually remember to turn it in the next day.
  6. Buy roses the day after. There are huge discounts to be had on crappy/dead roses.
  7. Eat at home but change spots at the dinner table for a new romantic adventure.

Do you like Valentine’s Day? How do you and BAE (I’m so so sorry former students for actually writing that) save money?


Live differently, your bank accounts will thank me later. -M$M


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4 comments… add one
  • Bobby Feb 11, 2016, 10:26 pm

    Many years ago I stopped buying my wife cut roses on Valentines Day. Instead, I buy her a rose bush or fruit tree or vegetable plant . It’s the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. She loves organic gardening and has turned our front,back and side yard into an edible landscape. In fact, she can remember when each of the plants and trees were given to her ! Definitely a female thing 🙂 I know I gave her all of these things but I can’t remember when. Although, I can tell you about every home run our son has hit from Little League through college. Now that’s a guy thing ! LOL

    This Sunday before we open our shop I’ll take her up to Oceanside. There is a nursery that now carries her favorite fruit tree from her youth in The Philippines . The fruit is called Chico and it’s hard to find outside of The Philippines. She will be surprised 🙂 The small tree will cost around 35.00-40.00 but with my wife’s two green thumbs, we will be enjoying Chicos for years to come !

    • Millennial Money Man Feb 12, 2016, 9:16 am

      Wow that’s actually a really cool idea! I’ll have to keep that one in mind down the road. $30 is pretty cheap compared to some of the cash you can spend on roses for V-day.

  • FI$ Guy Feb 13, 2016, 2:07 pm

    Costco has a dozen fresh cut roses for $14.99 – not too bad, just don’t wait until the day of or you will be disappointed. Buy ’em early and stash in your closet, car, or toolbox 🙂

    Pro-tip on eating so much bread you don’t have room for dessert. Made me laugh – and now my son thinks I’m crazy for laughing at the computer.

    • Millennial Money Man Feb 14, 2016, 11:08 am

      $14.99 seems like a pretty reasonable price (I think). I’m sure flowers have huge markups just like anything else on “holidays” like this one. 🙂

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