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I've been a teacher my entire adult life so far. Whether it has been music, personal finance, or entrepreneurship; I have made a living by guiding other people to do things in what I consider the "right" way. Teaching is an irony-filled career, especially in my case. I ALWAYS had to get mad at kids that [...]

I have a ton of posts I've been meaning to write lately. "100 Ways to Make Extra Money". "How to Grow your Twitter Following Quickly". "What Does it Feel Like to Be A Millionaire?". This one is absolutely more important, so those can wait. I have to share this message with you. Don't worry, I'll [...]

Well...I guess it's time to finally talk about this. I don't discuss it a lot on this site, but *GASP* my wife and I lived with her parents for several years after college. (Haters - start gathering your thoughts to share below. Just please please please spell correctly down there). I remember about a year [...]

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