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In the personal finance world, there are a ton of tips that "thought leaders" (not used to that yet) like me share regularly to help people understand and manage their money more effectively. As much as I love writing about different personal finance apps or discussing what people should do with their extra cash, the reality [...]

In almost every interview I've done over the past two years, it always comes down to the same question: "What advice do you have for people out there trying to get ahead with their finances and life"? I really used to struggle with it, because personal finance can be so complex. Everyone wants the silver [...]

"Money doesn't buy happiness." We've all thought about it at some point, right? That phrase has always been the one that I've either heard or told myself when I met someone who was wealthy (or at least LOOKED wealthy...the ability to finance stuff has made that blurry from the outside looking in). According to Princeton University, [...]

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