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I recently wrote a post about five basic investment vehicles for young people that outlined stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Bond Funds and Money Market Accounts. This week I'd like to keep going with a focus on investing through fairly new and extremely popular Millennial investing vehicles called robo-advisors. Here is how the super high tech [...]

Ah, the married life.  Honestly, things haven't been much different between my wife and I since we've been married for the past three weeks. We were together for a long time before we got married. Like...9 years before, so this whole thing wasn't much of a surprise to anyone (no judging). If anything, she may [...]

I've sacrificed. I've watched my peers buy nice cars and houses. I've lived like I make 1/5th of my salary. I've said no to the things that I want so badly. I've paid my debt in full. what? Nobody ever said that delayed gratification would be fun. In fact, when I started my journey to [...]

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