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What up Debt De$troyers? Today's guest post is special - Richard from the The Tough Choice (one of my life-long friends...he was my best man in my wedding) is sharing some great healthy eating/money saving tips! Just a little about him - he actually started his blog through my Bluehost How-To guide! His story is incredible [...]

As I'm sure a lot of people are today, I've found myself reflecting on all the changes I've made in my life this year. I got married, left my job, started my own business (this site), and then started a second business (marketing company). It's been a crazy year. I'll be completely honest; I spend [...]

Hey everyone!! I'm bringing something completely different to M$M this week. As most of you know, I'm pretty cheap, and really proud of it! One thing that I still feel like my wife and I still spend too much on is food, which is why I'm REALLY excited to share some food budgeting strategies from [...]