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I've done a lot of car posts lately. Honestly, they are probably the most popular posts that I write! For whatever reason, people get REALLY fired up about their cars and will defend their position on them to the absolute death. Whatever your opinion is about people buying new or used cars, it doesn't matter [...]

Hey everyone! I've tried to make it well known that one of the biggest financial mistakes I think young people (and everyone) makes is financing new cars. That's why I've decided to scour the internet and find 10 awesome cars that you can buy for under $10,000! For reference, I drive a 2004 Yukon XL that [...]

A lot of you that have followed M$M from the beginning know that I used to drive around a VERY bare-boned little red truck through college and a few years after. I've recently "moved up" to my 2004 Yukon (which I bought for $6,000 cash), and I'm very happy with it. My wife also drives [...]

I literally hate new cars. If I could make every post on this site about why they are a poor financial investment, I totally would. Unfortunately, most young people really don’t like to hear that they shouldn’t buy them. I've found that my car opinions hit too close to home, so in an attempt to keep [...]

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