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As I'm coming up on two years of M$M being up and running, I'm trying to take some time to enjoy how incredible this whole process really has been. In a fairly short time, I've been able to guide this thing from a REALLY crappy website to one that is starting to consistently reach 75,000+ people [...]

Hey De$troyers! I hope you all had an awesome Labor Day weekend. Yesterday was a really cool day for the site - Coral and I were featured on CNBC (also syndicated on Yahoo Finance)! I know a ton of you already saw this because I emailed it out (and shared it about 5 bazillion times [...]

Well...it's been over a year and a half and this site still exists somehow. If you've been with me since the beginning, then I'd like to extend the most satisfying internet high five you'll ever receive: If you're kinda new here, I'm going to hit you with my sweet haiku that tells my entire story story [...]

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