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Well, turned one this week...that is, one month old. Although the site has only been up for a short time, it's doing surprisingly well early on and I've been really happy with it's progress so far. I've gained almost 2,000 twitter followers since I started an account last month, and all of the site [...]

"YOU WORKED HARD to graduate, so Nissan wants to reward you with an easy, stress free buying experience with our College Preferred Pricing." - "YOU'VE CHOSEN THE ROAD YOU'RE ON. NOW PICK A RIDE TO GO WITH IT." - "YOUR ACHIEVEMENT DESERVES RESPECT AND REWARD." - "Hey, you graduated college. Let Honda [...]

"If you can't afford to pay cash, then you can't afford it."   One of my great friends and financial mentors says this to me at least once every time we talk about money. In the version of America that I grew up in, you don't hear this statement very often at all. Actually, I had never [...]

It’s the most popular question that I have usually had no idea how to answer without sounding like an idiot. Millennials occasionally — I use that word strongly and on purpose — want to know how to invest their extra money (if they have any). Where will they find the best return, what do they need to do to buy that [...]

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